Thanks to you guys who have follwed me on Periscope!  I did my third broadcast this morning (after kiddo drop off).  I am trying to figure out when to do these casts, WITHOUT distraction and WITHOUT my hubby thinking  I’m crazy talking into my phone,like I am!!😂. So for now…in the car.

I hope you will let me know when you do your broadcast, because I am excited to put a voice,with the faces and the stories I read on your blogs. 

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Techno Geek

Yesterday was a fun day, in the techno world, for me.  I found (and fell in LOVE) with Periscope.  If you haven’t checked it out, please do!  I have done 2 broadcasts already.  Sad part…they only last for 24 hours after you’ve recorded them.  😢       If you missed my first cast, check out yesterday’s before it sinks away. (get it?? Periscope?? Submarine?? Sinking away???).  

After my run yesterday with these lovely ladies…

 I was playing around with my Nike+ app trying to post the picture.  We all know the run or activity didn’t HAPPEN unless it’s posted, right?😉

I usually just post the mileage on the picture…

Courtesy of Nike+

 ….but I wanted something different.  I’ve seen other bloggers and Instagramers have different “writing” on their pictures.  So, to the APP store, I go!! I found FitSnap and it looked like something I could use.  

Courtesy of FitSnap

 Lo and behold it WAS the app I have seen on others photos! #score. 

I am such a techno geek and get EXCITED with new apps.  You guys probably already knew about it, but then sometimes I am late to the game, you know??? #imaMOM

Have you seen any other app that will make this Techno Geek happy??

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Periscope UP!!!

Have you heard or tried Periscope

 It’s a service from Twitter that allows you to have live broadcasts.  You can chime in with a comment or a shout out.  You like what you are hearing?  You can “like” the broadcast by tapping the screen and leaving hearts. ❤️❤️❤️❤️. And Pericope comes with a bonus.    If you aren’t able to watch it LIVE you can always REPLAY!  How neat is THAT???!!!  The replay right now is only available for 24 hours but I’m sure as updates come, it will last longer.   I love that I can (potentially) see and hear some of my favorite bloggers now.  It’s nice to put a voice to a lot of the words I read!  You can also post your broadcast on your Twitter page.  

Here’s my first broadcast.  Hope you like it and let me know what you think. 😉. I’m going to try a do a broadcast once a week and maybe give you guys a heads up before so you can catch it LIVE!! Wanna follow??  Find me @UFAngie01 

Enjoy! ❤️

PS…this is available for iOS and Android systems.