I came…I saw…

I CONQUERED!!! I was able to utilIze my time wisely and get a run in while Julian was at practice. I’ve been eye balling this lake to run around in town. No one seemed to know the distance around Lake Howard (in Winter Haven, FL). So…I drove around it the day before to get idea. It was FARTHER than I expected, but I still wanted to run it.

IMG_4465.JPGYep…that’s right…4.23 miles. Well…I consider that “conquered” because this is the LONGEST run I’ve had since “SHINgate”!! Remember…my God AWFUL shin splints that sidelined me from running for about 3 months? That was horrible!

I felt decent about the run- not bad but not great either. And I know why….every time I run, I feel like I’m still catching up to the OLD me! The one that ran 5 miles EVERYDAY Saturday! The one that was working towards a 10k…that old me!
I had to stop 4 times during this run, which bothers me, but I have to remember I haven’t run this far in a while. (Really it’s 3 times, because one of those times, I was avoiding getting run over! 😉).

IMG_4441.JPGSorry if you are offended by the language…but this mantra serves me well!! I just have to pull it together…and GET MOVING!

Time to get it together and CONQUER Monday……

How was your weekend?

PS…my triathlon is in T-minus 6 days! Eeeekkk!! 😁

It’s an all Women race! I’ve never participated in a race like this. I’m excited and scared all rolled up into one….

PSS….last week I was able to celebrate….

IMG_4424.JPGPA Week! This week celebrates the wonderful people that have chosen the Physician Assistant role in health care. I am blessed to have a career that I LOVE.


My CrossFit UFPC ladies…..

Every now and then these lovely ladies and I pick a challenge for a month. This month we decided on…

These monthly challenges don’t require any equipment and really easy to incorporate into your workout routine. I love finding these and most of them I find from www.neilaray.com. It’s a great site to find these challenges…go IMMEDIATELY to check it out!! I’m HOOKED! SN: there is some other info there like nutrition,too!

I’m on Day 2…so far so good! Core strength is my weakness, so these workouts help me out ALOT. Plus, they are bonus add-ons if I travel. I usually run and hope to squeeze in a CF inspired WOD. But if I can’t get those from my coaches, these work out well.

Hope you get a chance to check out Neila Ray’s site.

Excited because I’m traveling tomorrow for a Primary Care conference in Ft. Lauderdale,FL. I get to be amongst my Physician Assistant comrades AND get the bonus of catching up with one of my best girlfriends from PA school at The University of Florida..GO GATORS!!

Not very excited because I miss a workout tomorrow. I plan on running this weekend and continuing my monthly challenge. Back at CrossFit UFPC on Monday!

©2014 Angie