RunGAB 2

If we were running today, I’d tell you…

…that despite my new found “awareness” of my life and schedule, I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING today! Which is kind of funny considering we ARE having a RunCHAT!πŸ˜‚. I came home after Julian’s workout today, with FULL intentions, but sat my butt down and decided on a rest day. Is that bad??? #pleasesayNO

…I’ve been at Pinterest again! Man…is that a time suck!! But it is all with good intentions, I promise!!! I have been pinning “at home exercises” like the one from yesterday until I can get back to the gym.

….I am secretly worried about my race this coming Saturday. I just want to do well and I am afraid I won’t!  But…I’ll be there…so I guess I am a success regardless.  Sprint Triathlon….here I come!!

….I stepped on the scale yesterday.  I needed to know where I was, so I know where I need to be.  Although I wasn’t in love with the number, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I still need to shed about 15lbs.  43 is hard on the body, y’all. πŸ˜‰ 

I always enjoy our chats!  Till next week!

A New Chapter

Much to my chagrin, I have come to terms that my schedule is NO longer MY schedule!  I have accepted it…embraced it…and decided to make the BEST of it!  I need to get the strength training back on the schedule, so until I get a solid answer on how this will happen exactly, I have some substitutes.  Cue up….my Pinterest board!  All those many addicting pins have made their way into my reality!!

Since I did nothing (in terms is exercise) over this past Labor Day weekend, today was the day.   

Courtesy: Pinterest

 This was a good one….and a little challenge too!  I substituted the 1k for 1 mile. WHEW!!!!

 I am not going to kill myself this week, as I have a triathlon on Saturday.  I am enjoying the idea of adding new workouts in until I can get my butt back in the gym.

I’ll keep you posted….

How was your Tuesday? What did you get done today??


…I got your BLUE-berr-IES!!! Hubs wanted some dessert last night and suggested something with blueberries.  Well…that just gives me an opportunity to LEGITIMATLELY scroll through Pinterest.  I found a great recipe from Cooking Classy for a Lemon Blueberry Cake.  Well…doesn’t THAT sound yummy!!!  

Let it be known…..I can’t cook if my life DEPENDED on it, but I do love to bake!  No…that doesn’t mean I’m an awesome baker, I just love to do it.  BONUS…I don’t like to eat the finished product!  All the prep, and tasting along the way…I’m good! 

Hubs and my dad loved it!  It makes me feel good to contribute something from the kitchen! (If you remember, Hubs does all the cooking in our house!πŸ˜‰).       

 Out the oven…..

Finished product with cream cheese frosting….

…and the inside view… 

 My favorite plates look like they have blueberries on them too….!

I wonder what will be requested next weekend???

Do you like to COOK or BAKE? 

Have any recipes you’d like to share??

 MY domestic life…… #idroppedtheMIKE #ortheSPOON

Where else in the WORLD am I?

 I read a lot of blogs and I am ALWAYS inspired!  Thank you for letting me in and sharing in your adventures.  I hope that you receive the same enjoyment and (some) inspiration reading here at Mom, Miles, and Mishaps (3M as I like to call it!).  Suceeding in this thing called LIFE and making it all work, at least for me and my family, is my goal.  I get to have my ups and downs with you all here, so thanks for listening and reading!  I thought it would be nice to share other social sites that you can find me and my shenanigans…..





And of course…you continue to find me here at Worpress.  

Whew, that is 3M OVERLOAD!! You probably don’t want to know THAT much about me, huh?? πŸ˜‰

Where else can I find you??

Keeping busy…..

I managed a rain FREE run yesterday! But typical FL weather, it was HOT at 5pm; that made me run slower than I normally do, and THAT made me angry! But…I’ve lapped the folks on the couch, right??πŸ˜‰  

 Happy….to be done!!  

Tuesdays, Julian has basketball practice and my friend, Leandra (and fellow basketball mom) keep busy with some exercise while our boys are too!  

Source: Pinterest. I know you thought I modeled for the picture, but it isnt me!!πŸ˜‰

We modified the the squats only because we did some squats the day before.  AND…the jumping jacks…yeah those were modified because ladies like us that have had children….generally and GENUINELY don’t like to jump for reasons that I WON’T explain!! #depends.  I did 3 rounds in 13:34.  And it was a challenge!  If you are ever out of town and need a workout (and don’t have access to a gym) ALWAYS check Pinterest for ideas. Check out my Pinterest Fitness board here.  

This afternoon I’m back at CF for some more torture! Pray for me…..

What are you doing today???


I missed not having WILT last week. Call that “piss poor planning” on my part! I looked up…and it’s Tuesday AGAIN!!

1. Cane Vodka
In case you missed my post about my vodka tasting over the weekend, I was able to go to a tasting with my dad. We share many things and the love of vodka is definitely one of them. It was really the first time I have experienced true flavored vodka. We walked away with two bottles….

20140422-200206.jpgKey West Lemon and Lime

20140422-200310.jpgOrlando Orange

All made with home grown Florida produce. Check out my post “Shaken….not Stirred” for more info!

What girl can say enough about BOGOs?? For those that have been under a rock…BOGO = Buy One, Get One. It could be one is free or half off. Who cares really??? It’s a deal! I started couponing (NOT extreme) about 8 months ago. And the rush you feel when you have a BOGO and a coupon…WHAT????

20140422-204247.jpgFeels GOOD! BOGOs are everywhere…clothing stores, grocery shoes….! Try ’em.. You’ll see!!!πŸ˜‰
SN: I got a BOGO on Cane vodka. Bought one and got the other half off! 30 bucks for 2 bottles!

3. Pinterest
Do I really need to tell you and explain my LOVE for this site? I know EVERYONE is on this fun,crafty site. I love that I can look up “Fitness Funnies” and find things all kinds of smart ass things about fitness…

20140422-205006.jpgSums up MY relationship with CrossFit!!

20140422-205127.jpgMy sister thinks I’m CRAZY because I’m always talking about my weight. Easy for her because she’s skinny…and 20 pounds lighter than I am…and she 35 weeks pregnant with her 4th child!!😫😝😭😒

I can find crafts, decorating tips, recipes,…WHATEVER!

20140422-205601.jpgCome follow my boards….and see what I pin
Let me know if you have Pinterest too!!

4. Easter Candy
Specifically THESE babies

20140422-210125.jpgGoetze’s Caramel Creme

I can seriously eat a whole BAG of these. It’s caramel with a creme center. It gets a double OMG! It is so simple and yet so good! They can be found any time of year but I really wanted to have them. Why you ask?? Because they were STARING at me and SCREAMING for me to take them home….when I was standing in line! πŸ˜ƒ #nuffSAID

5. Southern Living magazine
I secretly wish I was a real Southern gal. I mean I live in the the south (Florida to be exact) but I don’t LIVE in the south! Trust me when I say…it ain’t the same!

If you haven’t had the pleasure and you are the least bit curious…this is your magazine. What’s inside? Home ideas, recipes, travel, gardening tips..and everything Southern. I’m in heaven…! Ever since watching “North and South” mini-series, I’ve wanted to be from the south! “Orrie…take (to) NAWLINS….”. You don’t get the magazine? Check them put on Instagram,Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

That was a quickie WILT, but hopefully chock full of stuff you like and find interesting!
Can’t wait to see what I come up with next week!