The Slump of Summer has BEGUN

Man…was it HOT today!! My friend, Leslie and I went for a run after work.  It was 92 degrees at 5pm!! 😝. We ran a little bit of a different route that included a bridge or a big ass HILL and  two small hills. #ugh. I felt like I never ran before in my LIFE.  My legs felt like bricks, I felt like I was running in sand, it was hot and I felt PATHETIC!!  #wahhhh.  #havesomeCHEESE #withthatWINE. But this happens literally every summer and I continue to run to get over my “summer slump”.  The ONLY bright moment in the pits of Hell (ie Florida) was Leslie…she kept going and was keeping a great pace that I was chasing today.  She KILLED this run today and I’m SO proud of her!! She’s gone from hating to run to killing the run!  

We are cooling down, THANK GOD!!!


We DID it!!!

I have been begging, PLEADING with her to do a race.  She’s done one, but it’s been a while! Well…game ON, my friend! I saw what you are made of and we are running this summer!! 😉 #shewillHATEme #butitsALLgood

There is a series of 5k every summer in Lakeland, FL – Watermelon Series.  It’s a series of 5ks, 4 in total, and I participate summer!  I think it’s a good one for Leslie to do with me!!  I’m going to work one her, since the first one is June 6th.  Wish me luck…..

Sadly, the triathlon I want to do this month isn’t going to happen.  I won’t be ready: my bike has to go in the shop, I have to get my ass ON the said bike once tuned up,and just got back in the water 2-3 weeks ago.  Plus, I feel like I suck at running right now. #pityparty. But it’s all good…because I will be ready for the race in June!  Keep you posted….


Ever have one of those days when you feel like you suck?? 

How do you get past that feeling?

I will focus on the words from my favorite girl…  

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 I love her…….


Tuesday has arrived…and almost gone as I write this post. I thought about what I was going to write about this Tuesday. As I continue to participate in my pity party, I figured I would write about what I love….Running.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a participant in his sport for about 10 years. It was a sport that I never imagined I would like, let alone love. In 2000, I decided I wanted to do a triathlon. Being a former competitive swimmer, I had the swim leg on lock! I didn’t really think much of the bike (yes…I know I can ride a bike…I should be FINE!!), so that only left the run. And let me say a big UGH!!!

I don’t like to do anything half ass, so I knew of I was going to this, I needed to face my “fear” of running. So…off I went. I started slowly, hated every step I took. But I wasn’t going to give up….

I did my first 5k about 3 years after I started running. The delay was because I was graduating from PA school, had a baby, and, oh….finding a job. It all fell into place, as it was supposed to. I kept running as a stress reliever. Working full time, having a baby, and a husband that worked out of town = one stressed out Angie. Running got me through some very dark, sad, and stressful times.

Outside of the physical benefits, I liked how running made me feel on the inside. It was by “happy place. It was the only thing, and still is, that I have during my day that doesn’t involve anyone or anything else. It’s just me, my music (sometimes) and the road.

And the more I ran, the more I LOVED it. And suffice to say, the triathlon went to the back burner and running became my passion. I wanted to do well, I wanted to get better, I wanted to be a runner.

Now as I am looking at another hiatus from running because of injury, I’m scared I won’t be able to do what I love. This is my second bout of shin splints in a few months. I am disappointed at myself because I’m in some pain while running. I’m mad at my body for “betraying” me, and I have been so good to it. Why me? Why again? Why now?

Here’s where I put myself in check…
I am here! I am here every day…breathing good air and being thankful for another day. I can still move when I want, when others can’t. I can still walk, and eventually run, when others can’t. I figured instead of focusing on what I don’t have right now is just wasted energy and time. It also builds up a bunch of negativity, and I don’t have any room for that now!

So what do I LOVE on Tuesday and all other days? RUNNING
I miss it now like I’d miss a loved one. But we will
Be reunited again, my friend! 🎶Reunited….and it feels so goooood

It was my (pity) party, and I can cry if I want to….

Ever had something that you had to stop because of injury?
How did you handle it??

PS…I hoped to be healed for a triathlon in June. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers.

Wheelchair PLEASE!!!

Again with the old adage “Be careful what you wish for…“. I asked for legs…BABY, I got it!!

20140428-223842.jpgDid I mention it was 4 ROUNDS!!! Holy legs, Batman!! As you probably know, I won’t feel it in the morning, but as the day progresses…I’m gonna PAY for it. That’s whatcha call “DOMS” or Delated Onset Muscle Soreness. Usually doesn’t hit until anywhere between 2 -3 days after the exercise. So…no later than Wednesday…I will be in a wheelchair!

20140428-223818.jpgOh boy….That’s me!!! #skerred

My shins held out on the box step ups. I lowered the height of the box from my norm. I usually use a 20″ and I downgraded to a 16″ for today, and maybe for a bit,while I heal. Ugh……

Since “Shin-gate”, I am strongly fighting the urge to feel (and to verbalize) like such a wimp! But quickly, I put myself in check because they’re many people would might love “just” using a 16″ box! I need to learn that my pity party has to stay inside of me (and/or on my blog 😉). That’s another self defeating attitude that I am working on! One of the MANY things that has to change, as all that negativity, just beings me down. br />

How was your day?

How was your workout today?

Have you experienced DOMS after a hard workout? Was it as bad as you thought it would be??