Getting to Know You #5

I know…I KNOW that you’ve been dying for me to return with my “10 Day You Challenge”!! #riiiight

6 Places



20140723-214027-78027754.jpg The Opera House in Sydney! Uh yes…sign me up! “Me me me meeeeeee🎶🎶”

20140723-214027-78027270.jpgWho WOULDN’T want to see this?? ALL of this!! I’ve made or as far as New Zealand, but I’m getting there!!

2. Italy



20140723-214506-78306274.jpgA country that I have been blessed to see but was so young don’t remember much. And I would really like to appreciate the country (and WINE) through adult eyes!

3. France

20140723-215027-78627168.jpgVive la France!! I took French in middle school and high school and really didn’t a chance to use it as much as I’d would have liked to (mind you this is the 42 year old talking NOT the 14 year old!!)

20140723-215659-79019559.jpgArc de Triumph

20140723-215728-79048383.jpgI’m OBSESSED with the Lourve! I want to see literally every square inch of it!!

20140723-215904-79144402.jpgAnd there you have it…The Eiffel Tower! What is more “France” than that????

4. Spain


20140723-220539-79539172.jpg España…how I want to see you! Hubby is of Cuban decent and his connection to Spain is via his grandfathers on BOTH sides. I can wait to see this country and eat all of that scrumptious food…like THIS paella!! #omg

5. Charleston, SC
Ok…this is the ODD man out! I can’t get enough of the gentle South! I’m secretly wanting to have EVERYTHING in Southern Living magazine! I love the history and the charm that defines the South…



20140723-221401-80041084.jpgWho wouldn’t want a horse drawn carriage ride??

6. Germany


20140723-221703-80223974.jpgEVERYONE wants to see the inspiration for Cinderella’s castle! Neuschwanstein Castle is magical and I would love to see it in person…BEFORE my ball dress turns back to shreads! 😉

What do you think about this list? I’d like to point out that all of my places, with the exception of Charleston, ALL have great wines and beers! That didn’t necessarily factor into my list….probably just coincidence! 😉

Where are the places you’d like to go??

Next up….5 Foods