Run Inspiration, RUN…..

I was having MAJOR technical issues yesterday while writing my post for What I LOVE Tuesday!! That sucks!!! Well…it’s Wednesday and because I probably have a touch of OCD…I’ll wait for the list for next week! Would you guys really care if I did it on Tuesday or Wednesday any way?? No…..but in my little mind (and world) I’m thinking you WOULD mind! ūüėČ
So next week it is…..

Started reading a book that I think will keep me motivated with my running…

I found this when I was looking for the monthly issue of “Runner’s World”. (Normal people just subscribe to magazines they love….not buy them in the grocery store!!)

I am only in the first chapter, but I’m feeling the inspiration already. This adds to the inspiration that I get from blogs, like yours. Keep it coming folks….I need all the help I can get!

©2014 Angie