Looky, looky what I found…..

I was happy to get the run in today after work. My running buddy couldn’t join me today because she had some other work obligations. 😢. It was nice weather and it was nice to come back to the car and see this… 

She left me a little note! #awwww. We keep missing each other and now with Spring Break coming we will miss each other for another WEEK! (Only because I will be out of town!).  We will be back in sync in no time…..🏃. At least I did get my 2 and change miles in! #runWH

On my down time at home, I was scrolling through my FB newsfeed.  I follow many triathlons pages (support, races, info, coaching, etc….).  I saw an ad for a triathlon on Mother’s Day…. 

 Holy CRAP!!!! That’s ME in the ad! I immediately text my Tri buddy (she says she looks like the Coneheads) and let her know!  BTW…pink is so NOT my color!!😝.    She was just as shocked, as I was!  Oh….the race!!!  Girls on Fire is an all ladies triathlon on Mother’s Day, in Clermont, FL.  Now I’m gonna HAVE to consider attempting those hills AGAIN since I see my mug on the FB ad!!

How ’bout that? 

Interested in some of those FB sites for Triathlons?

  • Tri-Fecta: Family, Life & Tri
  • Tri Swim Coach
  • Triathlon
  • USA Triathlon (of COURSE, duh! 😉)
  • Swim, Bike, Mom

Just to name a few…  Hope you get a chance to check some of them out! If I think of. more, I will keep you posted! 

My Closing Meme (for which I will now call “Dropping the Mike“…you know when a comedian closes the show with a joke that is SO ridiculous and funny, he/she DROPS the mike and walks off the stage…. Leaving the crowd LAUGHING…! That’s what I’m going for!😉) There you have it….

#trueWORDS #triathleteKINDA #iDROPPEDthemike 

New running buddy….

Today was a first because J ran with me today. I ran what he wanted to run. He is participating in the running club at school and they meet three times a week. One of those meetings they have run 2 miles. We did a smidgen over 2, with some walking for him.

He has expressed an interest in running a 5k with me. So…maybe I have a new running partner in the makings!! #woohoo

I need to get more miles in, but remember I was on a mental holiday for some unknown reason and I haven’t bought new shoes yet! Cue Alicia Keys…🎶These shins are on FI-YAH!!!!🎶

There is a 5k this coming Saturday. For those in the Tampa Bay area, it’s GASPARILLA! I’ve done this race every year for about 5 or 6 years. The 5k draws a huge crowd…last year, I believe they had over 9,000 runners. It’s definitely not a race for time but just being out there is fun!! You get to run along beautiful Bayshore Drive and see some nice sites in Tampa. I haven’t registered yet….I might have some scheduling issues because of stuff with kiddos. Fingers crossed,folks…

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