Am I a runner?

…or someone that likes to run? I saw this question and made me think about how I classify myself. And the answer is I don’t know. I mean, I like to run but I feel like a major DORK when I run around others. They look so nice and graceful when running…I look like the ANTI-that! Their bodies look like a lean,mean fighting machine. I look like the ANTI-that! I keep hope alive that if I continue to run and surround myself with people who know what they are doing, by association I will look like a RUNNER!!!!. People will think I’m a runner, so I’ll be a runner!

I will continue to run, buy the magazines to help me be an educated runner…


Love these magazines!!!
I always find these magazines inspiring and want to get out and run!!

I will continue to use my Nike+ running app because I love it.

Nike+ app for iPhone is available on iTunes

I like seeing the course that I ran when I’m done. SN: I started introducing music back into my runs because I was doing a lot of running by myself. When I’m not at a race, I need some mental stimulation and distraction and music fills that void.

I will continue to make sure my running accessories are up to par! (I could at least LOOK the part,right?!?!?!). I decided that 2014 was going to be the year my fitness will SOAR! My running goal is a 10k. So how does one better prepare with those training runs? Get a Garmin!!!

Garmin Forerunner 10

I like that I didn’t have to take a second mortgage on my house to get one. There are many great options but for what I needed and what I wanted to pay…this was the one!! I’ve wanted one for a while and will get to break it in after my competition this coming weekend. I can’t WAIT!

So let’s see…I have the GPS watch, the shoes, clothing , sneakers (not my new Nanos, by the way) and the app. I’m a runner then, right?? Or at least I look like one (“I’m not a runner, I just play one on TV”)

Truth of the matter is…I AM a runner. I love to run for many physical reasons but the mental quiet time for this busy working mom is second to NONE. It’s just me and the road. I love this sport…and because I love it….that is what makes me A RUNNER!!!

How do you view yourself? Are you a runner or someone that likes to run?

©2014 Angie