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Here’s my latest post from my sister’s blog!

❤️ Let’s take a moment today to say prayers and give thoughts to all those affected by Hurricane Matthew. ❤️

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❤️

When you are READY to bring your A game…

…but you show up to the gym with NO SHOES or SOCKS!! 

…and those SOCKS, though!!

That my fellow bloggers/readers is what you call an “EPIC FAIL“!! Now, I’ve been known to forget socks; that’s common. But shoes??? Never! Who forgets shoes?? It was more like I was bringing my “C” game! 

Today has been my third week back to CrossFit.  I miss my old box, but all of my old friends all go the box I’m currently at now.  I’m happy to be back! I’m not as strong as I used to be but that’s why I’m back! With every day that I’m sore, I know that it was worth it the day (or two) before! 


Strength- 6 x 2 Power Cleans

  • 6 rounds of 2 reps to find 2 RM (rep max) of cleans.  I got to 95#, which I think is pretty good considering my absence.

Metcon (Time) – 18 min time cap

  • 3 rounds for time:
  • 10 clean and jerk (65#)
  • 40ft HS walk*
  • 75 DU**
  • 40ft HS walk*

*Substitued for 60sec handstand hold

**Substituted for 150 SU

My rep count: 2 rounds + 75 SU (i.e. DNF).  

I honestly expected as much, but I wasn’t disappointed. I probably could’ve gone a little more on my weight, but I’m taking it cautiously and slowly.  Old girl’s been away and I want to be kind to her! 😂

Tomorrow’s agenda will include a run after work! I am anxious to see how the strength training will improve my running again. I really took that for granted.  This is the lesson I was trying to teach Julian when he was #onearmbandit.  In my opinion, he really took his basketball playing/training for granted.   Thinking because he has a little skill and talent, that he didn’t have to work hard.  And when it was taken away, you really realize how much you miss and appreciate it. Now…it’s MY lesson.  I really took the fact that I was strong for granted.  I miss feeling that way, but I am enjoying the process back.  I am READY to bring my “A” game (with shoes,too!)

Ever have moments like I had today? 

Oh, look what came in the mail this weekend….       

…thats right….I did it!! Me and R2D2! 😉

Happy Monday and thanks for reading! ❤️


It’s Tuesday…it’s TUESDAY!!!
I almost forgot that it’s time for WILT!!! My how the week flies, so off we go……

1. NCAA Men’s Basketball


I grew up in a household with a father that LOVED basketball, more specifically college basketball. Growing up, if a game was on, we got the “Not now…the game is on!” comment fairly frequently. You had two jobs….stay, BE QUIET,and watch the game OR leave. That was it…no questions asked. And this, my friends, is where I learned to love the sport of basketball. Mind you, never picked up a ball to play an actual game, but I love it. My sister and I are grateful to our father for MANY reasons and this time of year we appreciate him even more!

Dad and his girls……

2. University of Florida Gators

Yep….that’s me!! I’m a Gator girl and I bleed Orange and Blue!


Why else am I so happy being a Florida Gator, you ask?? (If you aren’t asking…I’m gonna tell you any way!! 😆)

WE ARE NUMBER 1 in the AP Poll !!!!

We have 2 National Championships- 2006 and 2007. Maybe Billy and his Gators will go for #3!!!

It’s GREAT to be a Florida Gator!

3. Shoes
I’ve been really getting into different shoes lately. This is a love that I have picked up from my mother. I dub her “Junior Imelda Marcos” (remember her with the wall to wall closet of shoes???) because she literally has a shoe in every color and probably for every occasion. Before I became a PA, I was an Athletic Trainer (you know…they guy or gal that runs out on the field when the player gets hurt??? That was me!!) at a high school in Miami. My “uniform” was shirts and sneakers,,which I adored! I, like my mother, had a sneaker in every color!
It wasn’t until I changed my profession that I started thinking out of the traditional “black and brown” shoe box. I started to find spunky shoes that I could jazz up an outfit with for work. I mean I wear a white coat ALL day…how boring is that??? My mother would be so proud…..

What do you think about THESE babies??? I found these at Payless for……$19.99!!!! Woo Hoooo!!!

4. Honey Crisp Apples
Have any of you TRIED these??? Wow!!! Perfect mixture of sweet and tart apple. I’m am usually a Granny Smith Apple kinda of girl, occasionally dallying in the world of Gala and Fuji’s too. But man, when I accidentally picked this apple up (I thought it was something else!)….I have NOT turned back! I’m not sure if they have a season, per se, but when I get them…I get ALOT of them! They can be rather costly…ie bought one at Wally World today and it was $1.67 for ONE!!!!

(Used the BIG picture to,show you the size of my love!!!)

Another WILT has come to an end,sadly!!
See you next Tuesday!!!

Fit Friday Run #2

Super happy because I got my run in today. I think I’m gonna make this a regular thing with my friend, Leslie….a Fit Friday run. We run before we have to get our kiddos from after care at school.

This was the view of the lake that we ran around. Of course this shot was LAST week because I didn’t want to show you the dreary weather of THIS week. Still a stunning view!! I liked being able to get this run in before the rest of my day continues, ie..”mom duty”. I would have gone a little further but “No Plan Angie” is still running in the same shoes that need to be replaced. Shins were starting to ache, so I did the 3 miles and stopped.

Leslie and I…she looks THRILLED to be with me, doesn’t she?? Our Fit Friday pose.. #FF
I haven’t had an adult running bud in a while, since my friend was sidelined with plantar fasciitis last year. She has pretty much given up running…so I have been running solo. But Leslie and I agreed to run on Fridays to keep each other company and motivated. (I some where along the line got off track with running but I’m back on it). We may not be the fastest runners, but we are lapping everyone on the couch, right??

J and I will have a run on Sunday, and hopefully I’ll have new shoes, too!👍
How lucky am I, with TWO people to run with!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!

What are your exercise plans this weekend?