🔔DING….! Tapped in…..!

After “checking out” over the weekend, I tapped back in and got back to what I know…what I love…what keeps me sane…exercise.  Today was a pool day for my bud, Leslie and I.  Yeah…she still HATES me, but she keeps coming back for more! Outside of the triathlon training that I need, I like switching up from the running and giving my legs a wee break.  I haven’t been able to incorporate intervals into my running because of time.  I have managed to sneak in some intervals during my swim.  I am hoping that some endurance will show more during my runs now.  Not sure it’s the same, but I’m willing to try it out. 😃. 

Oh…you are going to ❤️LOVE❤️ this gem……I screwed up AGAIN!! My last post on my idiocy, well…I was right…the first time!! As I was typing my workout…it hit me!  Short course = meters; Long course = yards!  I’m not sure what made me think otherwise, and therefore prompted the correction post.  Scratch what I confused you with in that post; refer to the CORRECT distance as above! 😁You’d swear I wasn’t a swimmer…EVER!!  But I was, competitively for 5-6 YEARS!  (ie 30 years ago!!).  Excuse my confusion, folks! #imanIDIOT #parentswouldhide #inSHAME

Swim workout (Short Course) *meters, Angie*

  • 200 m warm up – Freestyle
  • 3 x 50m @ :60; 1 min rest; repeat (total of 3 sets)
  • 100m warm up – freestyle/breaststroke mix 

Total = 750m 

I was happy to increase my distance AND keep my 50m consistantly below 40 seconds (specifically 38 seconds to be exact). #illtakeit

….but I still feel like an idiot!!! 😉

  #idroppedtheMIKE #truth 
How was your Monday?

Ever do/say something STOOPID on your blog? 


So, I’m an idiot….. This is FULL DISCLOSURE people! I’m over the moon excited to be swimming again and I’ve been documenting my swims here at 3M.   Well, today, I went to the pool.. 

LONG COURSE!!! Oh…this brings back some awful summer time swims because I HATED long course!  Any way…here’s  where the “idiocy of Angie” comes in…for TWO weeks I have been documenting in meters and not in yards!!!   

 Short course = 25 YARDS (ie WHAT I have been swimming for like 2 weeks and documenting WRONG!)

 As seen above…. Long course = 50 METERS (ie What I swam TODAY and realized that like a dummy I’ve been documenting wrong!)

That’s was a big DUHHHHHHHH!!!  I’m a SWIMMER, but apparently the “MOM-nesia” kicked in at the wrong time and rendered me dumb!  There…..I said it…I feel better…and I have vowed to not let the Mom-nesia take over ANY MORE!! #whew

Swim today was a 600 meters of pure freestyle! I was in a serious time crunch today, so no time for intervals today. There’s always next time…..

How was your day?