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Sunday??? How’d you get here??

Here’s my latest post from my sister’s blog.

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading! ❤️


Sunday Share

Hey guys!!! I’ve been AWOL for a few weeks, but I’m BAAAA-ack!  Over scheduled as usual…

Here’s my latest post from my sister’s blog!  

If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out her LuLaroe FB page, check her out! (LuLaroe~Monica Vignier).  She’s still in queue -ahem…waiting patiently- for her merchandise to share.  In the meantime, she has contests and giveaways that you can win some LuLa Cash or free clothes! You will make this sister a very happy sister by helping out my new LuLaroe consultant. 😉. 

I started off my Sunday leaving Sarasota (FL) after J’s basketball camp.  Per routine, Starbucks was in the plan. The barista OBVIOUSLY knows me well in Sarasota (I don’t live here, btw)….and totally upgraded my tall coffee to a venti. #theQUEENhasarrived #notQueenB #QueenA 👸🏽😂

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading❤️

Sunday Share

Here is my latest post from my sister’s blog!

Plus…a big Happy Birthday to my very fashionable Mom!Isn’t she just the cutest Mom, ever?? Work that Cassie, Mom!!!  You can see where my sister gets her fashion sense from!! 

Hope your holiday weekend is great and thanks for reading!!! ❤️

Sunday Share

Here’s my latest post from my sister’s blog. 
Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❤️

Most importantly, Happy Birthday to my niece, Jolie!!!  She’s 7 today!!!

The rose amongst some of thorns!!! 😂😂

We love you!!!!❤️

Did you know…..?

….I saw it on FB, and maybe it isn’t true, but it’s National Siblings Day. What a great day to celebrate your brother(s) or sister(s).
I am lucky to have one sister, Mo. She is a mother of 3 (soon to be 4) children, a wife, and an attorney living in Haymarket, Virginia (Home of the Battle of Bull Run, for you war buffs). She truly is an amazing person!

Our “tbt” picture circa 1984-ish.

We’ve come a LONG way from there…

Turkey Day 2013…HER house because SHE cooks…and I DON’T!! 😉

Mo and I have grown into relationship that I am glad to call a friendship. She is the person that I would call to vent, to share good news, to bounce one (of many) of my wacky ideas to. (SN: she thinks I’m CRAZY!!). I’m just sad that we don’t live closer. We see each other about 3-4 times per year. We are lucky that our children have a great relationship, as well. #cousins

Whether real or not, I hope that this day reminds you of the relationship that you have with your sibling(s).
They are the first friends you ever make and you are blessed to call them FAMILY! ❤️