RunGAB #4

Here it is….WEDNESDAY! And the end of the month! September?? Where did you go??  Off running…that’s where! So, as we ran the month away, we would talk about…

….that I found some new snacks! The QUEEN of snacks strikes again.😉.   I’ve known about Kind bars for a while but never had one.  Man….I missed that cue!  I’m glad I tried them because they are my new favorite!    This one is made with…wait for it…..COFFEE! #yes

…that I signed up for a 5k this weekend.   

 I got off my ASS and decided I didn’t need to wait for anyone to participate.  I’m becoming more and more comfortable with going by myself.  I’m loving it…

…I need to submit a time for a race BEFORE the Disney race.  The fine print on the registration states that a 10k time needs to be submitted by January 2016.  Guess I’m gonna have to do one!😉. I’ve have one on my radar for October and the one I did last year in December.  We shall see…

…I’m going CRAZY at work!! Our office is transferring to electronic medical record (EMR) and it is driving me nuts!!  Today’s run (our gab and the DREADmill) was all thanks to “EMR Frustration“.  

 I turned the negative into a positive! #runLAFITNESS

Thanks for listening and for the chat! 

How was your Wednesday?

If you WANT a DONUT…

..then HAVE a donut! I kid…I KID!😉 I found these precious peaches called “Donut Peaches” at Walmart.  I’m actually not a big donut person, but this FEELS like I’m being a little naughty with my food. 😉.  

 It doesn’t look like much, but sure is good! It’s sweet but not overly sweet like the typical Georgia peach that I usually eat.  It is VERY juicy, which I enjoy!  The pulp is a pale color, not like the colorful pulp I am used to.  It was weird but a delightful surprise! 

 Another 3M recommendation for FOOD! (surprised, aren’t ya???). Hope you like it!
Have you found any new foods recently?  

Random funny for today…. 


  This is SO true!  I’m not sure if I want to break out into a run or bust a move!! 😂


….I am a snacker!! There….I said it! I would rather snack than have a meal! Over time, I have learned to scale it back and make better CHOICES as I snack!  

 Oh how I LOVE thee, tortilla chips!! ❤️. 

But…look at some of the yummy snacks I’ve found in my travels this week. 

 These barbeque quinoa (KEEN-wha) chips are lovely!! They have all the crunch and taste of a potato chip without all of the bad stuff!  

They also come in Sea Salt flavor 
 You see that there is hardly any sugar and all that protein??  Both of these bags I found at TJMaxx (waiting in line!!).  They were $2.99 and I did see them on Amazon for $2.89! SCORE!!!!!

Within the same week, another trip to TJMaxx (to take back something and switch out sizes…I swear!!) caused me to find another snacks-poo! 😉 

 Oh…are these good! It’s like having a mini rice cake with blueberries!  

Darn you, TJMaxx!! Not only do I find great clothes but I find great snacks, too!!

Do you have any favorite snacks?? Please share because I’m always looking for new ones!!!😉😂

Super Bowl Swan song

I’m sure that I am not the only person that has this epiphany that I had today. Blogs are like the modern diaries of the 70s and 80s and the ultra cool journals of the 90s and the turn of the century. (Did I just SAY that??). I know that was deep insight in my part, but I feel like I’m exposing my life and felt the need to share that little nugget of info!

And since I’ve had this awakening of what I’m doing, I feel comfortable explaining that TODAY, Super Bowl Sunday, is my last day of eating like, excuse my French, shit!!!. I love, love, LOVE to snack! But my 40-something (almost 42 to be exact) isn’t responding well to my diet! Or lack of diet to be truthful…..

Meaning…I have lost and gained the SAME 10 pounds since I turned 40. Meaning….I have probably lost and gained my actually total weight trying to get these 10 pounds off over these almost 2 years!! I can’t blame it on my thyroid like most of my patients do (I am in NO means disrespecting those with thyroid disorder, but c’mon ladies…it AIN’T always your thyroid!!!). I can’t blame it on being 42 any more…that excuse is OLD (no pun intended!). So today, is my SWAN song of poor eating! I gotta do it today or it won’t get done! I have a bunch of races in mind over the next few months and I want to do well.

Without further adieu….Super Bowl Sunday started with my favorite…..


Venison chill, some cheese sauce, small helping of sour cream and guacamole = YUMMMMMMM!!!

…and then…

….followed by Korean style lollipop chicken wings, spring salad with ginger vinagrette dressing, topped with fried rice noodles.
A side of a chicken spring rolls too!!!

OMG…this is wrong! And this is WRONG, I don’t wanna be RIGHT! Lawd…..

This man right here…my love, my hubby, M, hooked up a great Super Bowl spread for my swan song meal.

Thank you my love!!! I enjoyed every last beautiful bite!!! I’m sure there is something for “the grease” (called dessert for the rest of us) waiting in the wings, but I’m too full!!

What are your favorite Super Bowl snacks??

SN: Broncos are losing currently in the 3rd Quarter 29-0.
Oh…and M is winning his office pool right now!

Snack attack…..

This kid LOVES his snacks! Particularly post basketball game snacks! He probably got it for me because I,in fact, LOVE snacks too! That’s my problem…
So when I ask A for Doritos, he give me this…

Maybe he’s trying to HELP his sad mother with her diet! He’s just looking out for my best interest, right???