She’s got LEGS….

Today was a day that will live on in my mind for DAYS to come. Oh…my aching legs!!

20140507-223014.jpgI was STOKED because I actually tried and made it through the ENTIRE WOD doing the OHS! Not only that but I did them at 65 pounds! I’m not going to lie….but that’s a first for me!! #happyDANCE

You’ve read a thousand times how legs are my fear, but today I think I conquered it fairly well! Kinda proud of myself…..

So if see me walking by, and a tear is in my eye…look away….(sorry I couldn’t resist the lyrics from the song “Look Away” from the group Chicago.) because I am going to be waking like something is WRONG.

What was your workout like today?

PS…OHS meaning again? Overhead Head Squats