Boy, weekends sure go fast! They go even faster when you are busy! I started the weekend off with a 5k organized and hosted by the Brandon Running Association.  Outside of the yearly Gasparilla run (in Tampa), this is the closest run I’ve done by my home! And when I mean close, I mean 2 minutes from my house!  This was the 35th Annual Shamrock Classic 10k/5k/1 mile Fun Run. You all know I am a lover of all things St. Patty’s  Day, so let’s do this!!! 🍀.  

 I’ve been meaning to this run but “life” hasn’t really allowed me to.  This year, the stars were aligned and I was able to get it on the race calendar. 

The racing conditions were perfect…68 degrees by start time. We started (and finished) at O’Brien’s Irish Pub and Grill

 This place is special because it’s where I healed Hubs surprise 40th Birthday party (6 years ago!! 😂). I got my race bib..:.

 …and we were all off! The 5k was an easy, flat, straight shot course.  

 The 10k did the same course twice. 

Again I was star struck because I finally saw Amanda from Cupcakes and Miles! We were running and I thought I recognized her and so I just ran up and said “Hi!”.  This was unlike last Saturday when I saw Keira at a 5k in Winter Haven (FL) and totally flaked out! Amanda ran the 10k because she’s awesome! SN: if you aren’t following either one of their blogs, do yourself a favor…do it! We said we really needed to get together when we are racing locally so we can at minimum have a photo op and a chat!! Next time, Amanda!😉

I raced on Saturday with a heavy heart for a friend of mine.  She’s going through some tough times and I really just ran and thought and prayed.  I didn’t  focus on my pace or time;didn’t focus on the course; I just was some place different mentally. I have to say, I need to run like this more often.  Focusing on something else, someone else instead of my selfish me! I was blessed with a PR this race…43 seconds faster than last Saturday! I’ve been “preaching” about just enjoying the run and the process of getting back and it truly happens.  I wouldn’t want to have to have my friend go through what she is going through, but obviously when you just place your focus elsewhere, you can be successful!  I even feel selfish being happy that I PR’d!

 I placed 6th in my AG, which made me happy. Of course I have no idea how many where in my AG (probably 6!),but I was happy to be there. It also means that I can place somewhere, maybe even higher next time! #psyched

  The post race fare was great…the usuals (bananas, pretzels, bagels, PB) and hot food (pasta!!).  Then of course….beer!  I didn’t partake this time because Hubs and I had a date and I had to get going. Next time, BRA!  It was a great race and I am excited to participate in another BRA race. They have a 5k in December to add to my list. 

How was your weekend? Any PRs?

Erin Go Run

Yesterday was my favorite holiday of the year….St.Patrick’s Day!🍀. I’m quite sure it all stemmed from my first of two trips to Ireland.  I worked for my Dad one summer and one of the perks was a work trip to the Emerald Isle.  Man….that was love at first site!! Erin go Bragh!

I was lucky enough to return about 10 years later with my sister. Man…the stories I can tell! But I gotta keep it clean…😂 

   Mo and I at the Cliff of Moher

So, I proudly wear my green and celebrate being #Blirish (you know…Black and Irish!!!).   

 I was able to get home and run while the sun was still out (Thanks you, Daylight Savings!).  Hubby was in the kitchen cooking some Irish fare.  I was greeted with a liquid libation of Hibernian proportions.  

 Jameson Whiskey Ginger

  • Jameson Whiskey
  • Splash of Ginger Ale
  • 1/2 of fresh squeezed lime

#helloGORGEOUS.  I really was cheating on my usual..Absolut on the rocks with two lime…but for the occasion,it was totally worth it! Sláinte!!

A few sips and out the door I went… 

 ….for a good 2.6 mile run.  It was nice! 

I was greet upon my return with a great meal 

 Shepard’s Pie (with Ground Chicken)

  Corned Beef and Cabbage

I usually make my Guinness Dark Chocolate cupcakes with Bailey’s Cream Cheese frosting…but I couldn’t swing it this year! #damn

All and all, it was a great day!  I got to celebrate my day with a great run! 

How was your St. Patty’s Day?? 

Do you guys get a shirt every year like me? 

 This one is one of my favs! The kids got new shirts but I didn’t find one for myself! This oldie, but goodie served it its place! #fail

St. Patrick’s Day 2015

My favorite holiday! No…seriously…it’s my FAVORITE HOLIDAY!  Like people like Christmas and stuff like that?? I get that way about St. Patrick’s Day. Why you ask???

I’ve been lucky to have been to Ireland twice and I fell in 🍀💚LOVE💚🍀Beautiful country (Emerald Isle, INDEED!) , beautiful people…and frankly…a BEAUTIFUL amount of PUBS! 🍻 #cheers

I like…no….I LOVE beer! So what better  way to have ANOTHER excuse to drink beer than doing it on St. Patty’s Day?!!?! 

SLÀINTE!!! (pronounced ” Slawn-cha” meaning “good health” or “cheers” in Gaelic).  For more sayings…check out this! 

Hubs greeted me after a long day of work and Basketball practice with this! #helloGORGEOUS. This with some corned beef and cabbage/potato side dish! Loved it because I HATE cabbage!  (No picture because I literally inhaled it!!)

Before the “fun”, I put some work in! I honestly didn’t think I was going to have any thing today. (I was pleasantly surprised when I came home to it!). 

Central Park in Winter Haven (FL) dyed the fountain green! I was able to snap a pic during my run. It was only 2 miles and that’s really all of the time allotted before after care shuts down. I don’t beat myself up because at least it’s SOMETHING rather than NOTHING!!

I was able to get in a WOD while Julian was at practice. No…still haven’t made it back to my box (soon though!!). I manage to get workouts from Pinterest (look at my board HERE) and usually from other blogs I read. One of my FAVORITE blogs, Blonde Ponytail, always has GREAT WORKOUTS (with and without weights). Check her out and tell her that her “biggest fan” sent you! 😉 You won’t regret it!!

I renamed this WOD to “Erin Go Bust Your Ass”.  Look at it….you KNOW it will!!!  Her workout had 7 rounds and I only had time (and patience) for 3. Why was I impatient?? The MOSQUITOS decided to invade my workout and I had to cut it short! Otherwise…7 rounds for ME!! 

Hope your St. Patrick’s Day was filled with a lot of GREEN fun!

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How did you celebrate?

Did you wear green? (I just had my little leprechaun on my jacket bc my green dress is GONE! ) 

🍀Erin Go Braugh🍀

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I LOVE this holiday…it’s similar to Christmas for me! I didn’t plan ahead this year, as in years past, with decorating the house, crafts for the Julian and Aidan’s class, baking a new treat…
Wait…I did bake a new treat this year!

I made Bailey’s Chocolate cake with Cream Cheese frosting. They were YUMMY!!! Cake pops weren’t as hard as I thought they would be….
Maybe these can be on the regular baking rotation.

We had some WICKED storms this afternoon/evening, so I skipped the gym (because the drive home was gonna be crazy!) and opted for the DREADmill!! Oh, DREADmill, oh DREADmill..how I LOATHE thee! I am constantly trying to figure out ways to make this bearable. This evening I had “Girls” on the HBOGo app on the iPad AND listening to a mix from “Rock My Run” on my iPhone. #firstworldproblems. This was ok and I think I might have found the right combo to weather the storm.

Maybe I’ll be able to stomach more than 2 miles next time!! I’m staring at the wall…in the garage! It doesn’t get any worse that this…
SN: If you haven’t watched “Girls” on HBO, you must!!! (might make my list this week…. Hmm)

So a little Shamrock Run for me and then onto my normal stuff. I WISH I could say that I was able to hang out on MY holiday!! Sadly…I’m home, in my green shirt and my Shamrock socks

Not out enjoying my green beer (although I had it at home)..eating some good Irish food and amongst the folks that love this day! That’s the part that sucks when the holiday falls during the week. We would usually celebrate on the weekend but Miguel was out of town…
BUT…the kids love the holiday too, so being with them made up for it, tenfold!

My “shy” leprechaun, Julian. He DISLIKES smiling in pics (because of his braces), so this is his attempt to look excited.

My “mischievous” leprechaun, Aidan. He will do ANYTHING to have his picture taken!!
SN: Aidan is an Irish name. It’s Gaelic for “little fiery one” or “little spitfire “. You can see he TRULY lives up to his name.

This holiday is fun for us, regardless of what we do (or not). This year was low key, I still enjoyed the day! And despite my smart ass-ness…

…I still remember the reason for the day…

(One of my favorites)🍀❤️🍀❤️🍀❤️

Did you enjoy your St. Patty’s Day?
What workout did you do to “celebrate?

PS….I didn’t want to forget – Julian’s name is an English name meaning “youth or youthful “.

©2014 Angie

March Madness

This weekend went by FAST!! I swear it feels like I don’t get things done like I want to. To top it off…It’s MARCH! When did that happen??

My shins are finally feeling ready to run again! Remember my shoes where FINITO…done…over!! I did find a new pair finally. She’ll make her debut tomorrow…stay tuned!

March is a busy month…

1. My oldest is going to be 13!!!! When did THAT happen?? When did I become old enough to be a parent of a TEENAGER??? Pray for me…
Better yet…pray for him!

2. St. Patrick’s Day
I’m not even any where CLOSE to being Irish….but it is my favorite holiday! Blessed enough to have been to Ireland twice, I have adopted them (unbeknownst to them) as my second country!
This day is like my Christmas!! I’ll keep you posted!

3. Ash Wednesday
Every year, I give up ANY form of chips during the Lenten season. This truly a sacrifice for me! This year, it couldn’t come at a better time because my weight and my diet need a recharge…and FAST!!

4. March Madness
As mentioned before, we ❤️ some NCAA basketball! This is that time of year when those brackets are gonna be more important than anything!
Just in case you forgot…


These are just a few in March I thought about mentioning. Keep you posted as more things come about….

PS…I tried my hand at cake pops today. I HATE to cook but I LOVE to bake!

Dark chocolate with Bailey’s with cream cheese frosting. Getting ready for St. Patty’s Day!

Have a great week!!!

©2014 Angie