It’s SUMMER TIME, folks! You know what that means??? Yeah…work! Work…that’s what it means for me! 😂. But….it also means the yearly Summer Sunrise Watermelon 5k Series around beautiful Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, FL.  I’ve been doing this series for about 5 or 6 years now.  I LOVE this series because it keeps me motivated to run despite the hot and humid Florida weather.  I’m a FLORIDIAN, people and I can’t STAND the summer heat! But if I don’t sign up for a race, I’ll look for every excuse not to run, only because of the heat!! On the other hand…I HATE wasting money!! So..if I sign up…I’m DOING IT!!!

I always managed to rustle up my friends to run with me! 

They are STILL my friends….I think! 

I love when my “I hate running because it sucks” do so well!!! We had a PR in the group and no stopping too! I celebrated with them and for them because I know how hard they worked! 

I on the other hand, didn’t have a good race.  I had to stop about 2 miles and change because it was hot and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. And I am always disappointed in myself when I do stop….

I felt defeated because I didn’t do well.  But I didn’t let that rain on the parade of my friend’s victories!  I didn’t do well because I really didn’t run in May.  My last race was the 2017 Star Wars Marathon Weekend – The Dark Side.  I ran the 5k

…and the 10k

All of my runs,up to that point, had already been on the calendar.  For some reason, May was missed and therefore nothing was scheduled! I have no one to blame but myself. Now let me be clear, I don’t pity myself because I am able to run.  I’m just disappointed that I didn’t do well. If you’ve been reading for a while you know I need that kick in the ass moment to shock me right back to reality with my running. Watermelon Series, race #1 = my kick in the ASS! 😉

It’s Monday and it’s a new beginning.  I’m ready….I’m recharged…I’m ready to GO!!!

How was your most recent run??

Let’s get it STARTED!

This morning started of with a run!  I am BOUND and DETERMINED to make this little run a routine. I’ve literally been trying to do this for like 3 YEARS!!!!  The kids are out of school for the summer, so I always TRY to start then.  But some how, some way, I always get off track and never get back.  Here I am….”trying” again, days after turning 43….

43???? It’s ON!!!😉 

This morning I only ran for 18 minutes…pretty fast (at least for me!).  I have figured out that I can only squeeze in 20-25 minutes in the morning.  I mean, I COULD do more, if I got up at 3am instead of 4am, right??  I am waiting for the day when 2 miles in the morning becomes the norm (AGAIN!).  

When schools out, I get to sleep in an extra hour!!!  But I have opted instead for 45 minutes extra sleep to get the run done.  All I have to do is MAINTAIN!  As I tell my patients “make it routine and it will STICK!”. Here’s to hoping…..


Aaaaaa-nd it JUST started with the typical Florida afternoon rain, so it doesn’t appear that I can get my afternoon OUTSIDE run in today!! #boo

How’s your Wednesday shaping up? I was totally BUMMED because I thought it was THURSDAY when I got to work!! #duhhh #FAIL