Man….THAT didn’t work out! 

Back from vacation only means one thing….get your a** back in the gym!!! This vacation to HHI with my family and my sister’s family was amazing!!  

As with every trip, I had my running gear and I was ready to at least get 2 runs while there. Apparently, my mind and body had other plans! I didn’t do diddly SQUAT! I was tired, which led to sleeping in and didn’t think twice about running! I even packed J’s stuff because he runs with me…NOPE!

Check this nugget out… I had a triathlon on the Saturday after we returned home!! I completely forgot about it and was unprepared to race.  I emailed the race director and they allowed me to do the race virtually. So, no loss there; all I have to do is submit my times to them online and I get my goodies AND my bling. However, I am now 0 for 2 with workout plans!! 

Monday was my first day back at the gym.  I am struggling with the time to get there because I have J that has football practice and Aidan has basketball practice on the other end of town!! If I could juuuuust clone myself…..


3 x 10 back squats

The goal was to be at about 60% of my 1RM.  My 1RM max is 100#, making my 60% 60# (right?).  I was able to get 65# and was happy!! 


5 rounds for time:

5 squat clean thrusters (55#)

10 pull ups


I was glad to see this time! Anytime there is a time cap (in this WOD 15min), I become nervous! I always feel like I’m not going to make it before time is called. But I did!! Truth be told, I could have went  heavier on the squat cleans. Rx was 65# and I could have managed a total of 25.  But I was safe…..

I am all kinds of sore right now….like right now as I right this post!! But I LOVE the soreness because I know the work that I put behind it!!

Today is a rest day which is nice.  J has football practice, so to kill the time, I guess I will take the 6:30 class.  Gotta use the best of my time, right?? 😉

Ever have plans to work out and it just didn’t pan out like you imagined???? That’s the title to the book of my life…….”I(t) just didn’t WORK out!” 😂

Busting some SERIOUS A**

Today was a LOOOOONG day and I always like to end a day like this with a good WOD or run!! Boy did I get what I ASKED for…..

IMG_4347.PNGThrusters!!! Oh, how I HATE thee…and then…there’s 80 of them!! SERIOUSLY ???

I was working HARD on this WOD! I was focused and determined to get through those despicable thrusters! First round…made it! Second round…all good until I’m into the thrusters. I hear….RIP!! “What was that???” “Oh damn…:I’ve done it!! I’ve RIPPED MY PANTS! My FAVORITE Nike black shorts (that the probably don’t make anymore!!).

IMG_4351.JPGThe hole is so big my whole hand went through. This puts a WHOLE new meaning to “busting ASS” in your workout!! 😉

Now I am on the search for another pair of shorts just like them! Wish me luck!!

Oh…I received the best message today! My FAV blog Blonde Ponytail. The Skinny Girl line has some scrumptious snacks and the contest winner get some to try! Guess what!? I WON!!!

IMG_4348-0.PNGI’ll keep you posted!

“That which didn’t kill me…..”

…just pissed me OFF!! OMG…we did 14.5 at the gym today! I have to have someone explain to me how on GOD’S beautiful earth did someone manage to create this WOD? Oh, I know….the DEVIL, that’s who did it!! Lord….

You know how I feel about ANY WOD that starts with “21”…I have a fear. It is truly all mental, but my brain is shutting off when I see this. I haven’t even SEEN what the WOD consists of, I have mentally tuned out and turned off! (It’s that pathetic???). So, when I saw THIS nonsense..I am DONE! I then scroll down on the white board and see….drumroll PUH-LEEZE….thrusters and burpees! Mental shutdown….proceed!!
It.was.AWFUL. But…I survived! #WAH

Are you familiar with thrusters?
The thruster has a beginning of a front squat with the finish of push press. ( ie… Angie’s private hell). It is technically not a difficult move, it’s requires endurance to ensure not to “poop out” before the movement is over.
The burpees were over the bar, which is ALWAYS interesting.

I finished in 25:25 which is was I guess isn’t too bad. I’m just happy I survived! I know I’m a big baby and I have to learn to get over my “hatred”. There is a saying that ( paraphrasing here) by hating something you bind yourself to it. So…I will hate these darn things till I like them and I’m good at them.

Any exercise(s) that you “hate”


As I sit here and type this post, I am STILL sore from the WOD yesterday! Tuesdays are my day off because of basketball for J and A. I sit, I wait on the uncomfortable bleachers in the gym, which isn’t so hot when you are sore!!
At CrossFit UFPC, this is what met me at the door…


Thrusters??? Really?? I LOATHE thrusters!! I have come to realize that my list of “I HATE….” in CrossFit it becoming longer. In no particular order, I HATE…

  • Thrusters
  • Wall Balls
  • Burpees
  • Wall walks
  • (Am I talking gibberish to you with these CrossFit skills/moves? When I am not so cheap, I’ll upgrade my WordPress blog so I can post videos here!! Until then, check out the link for info!)

    But just like the saying….”This s**t SUCKS!! What time tomorrow??” (I absolutely have to get my hands on THAT shirt!)

    Let me just say, that thrusters include the one thing that is my weak point…SQUATS!! You can give me upper body ALL.DAY.LONG, but please don’t give me squats! I mentally phase out of the WOD when I see “squat” or any of its cousins.
    BUT…. it’s 2014, and I’m gonna face my fears, lack of skill, whatever you want to call it…this is the Year of the Squats (for me it is, any way).


    Yeah…that’s what I intend on doing to those squats… #crushtheMOFO

    Is there any move, skill, exercise,etc that you hate??

    ©2014 Angie