I was way to tired to post yesterday or Thursday. I literally fell asleep while writing this post last night!! So if I fall asleep..this stuff must put y’all to sleep FAST! #thoughtprovokingINFO. It’s amazing how fast a day will go!

I am very sore from Wednesday’s WOD…

Seriously Jack??? I just MET you and I don’t LIKE you!!! Jack WOD!! Get it…? Jack WAD…..you know…a play on words?? I’m hear all day….

I did the box jumps and after finishing 9 rounds, I decided to go for a run. GREAT BAD idea! Apparently explosive CF movements (box jumps, DUs) and running for ME bring on ——–> SHIN SPLINTS! Those little bastards are trying to make a comeback! I ran last weekend…no problem. Ran a little earlier in the week…no problem. Did some darn box jumps and wanted to get a little run on….BIG problem. I am going to nip this QUICKLY. I’m not going into a rest period for another month!! I’ll go crazy!! I’m WATCHING you, Shins!! #it’sON

Thursday’s WOD was Stations….

I like the upper body strength training…miss it! I ran a mile and shins felt pretty good. I will rest today and try again tomorrow for a quickie run. Julian and I will do another 5k next weekend, so hopefully the shins won’t be a problem. Fingers crossed, peeps!

Any plans this weekend?
Why yes…yes I do! I’m taking my Dad to a local vodka distillery and we have a tour and a tasting! I’ll keep you posted!
And you thought that was only for wine! Hmpf…..

Have a great weekend!!!



It ain’t a pretty sight…bad time..bad pace…just BAD!! I’m gonna say I blamed my CRAPPY run on tired muscles. You might remember I did a CrossFit competition last weekend. I want to think of this week as a recovery week. Let’s be honest…I was dog tired after that weekend! But I know myself…give me an inch and I’ll take a YARD! I knew if I convinced myself that I needed recovery time, I would have been a lazy ass and not done a single thing this week! So what better way than to attempt to do something to shake the lazy away than go for a run. Except I didn’t realize I was going to be this bad!

Oh well…on with my day! I should remember that saying about being out there and lapping those that are still on the couch, right?


Back At It….

Today is the first full work week of the new year. My kiddos, J and A, don’t start school until tomorrow so I have a small break until the madness of school returns. This also gives me a full day to figure out how in GOD’S name I am going to add blogging to my already full schedule. I am like every other working mother…busy!! ….Cue the theatrical music –
Here’s a glimpse of my day –

1. Wake up at 4 am
Just typing this sounds REE-diculous! But I like to watch Netflix or HBO GO to take my time to get ready in the morning. I am usually too lazy to iron mine and hubby’s work stuff before I go to bed, so I’m stuck doing it in the am!! Yes…I iron…really the only domestic talent I have!! ( more on that some other time).

2.Wake up J and A at 5:20 am
Doubly REE-diculous!! But we have to have time to fight each other about getting up, then have some brotherly fighting too! Washed up, dressed, small breakfast and we are OUT! Why so early you ask…both the boys and I go to school and work about 50 minutes from where we live ( Valrico, FL ————–> Winter Haven, FL in case you’re interested)

3.Drop kids off at 7am
J has to be there early for morning study group!

4. Get to work
Being a Physician Assistant starts the MINUTE I get to my desk. Won’t bore you with that….maybe another time and post.

The rest of the day is pretty much in reverse. Squeeze in basketball practices or games and workouts. Get home… Dinner, laundry, online puttering ( FB, IG, Bloglovin, and of course personal blogging). Bed at 11 and do it all over again!

That’s it…”I’m tired boss..DOG tired” (in my BEST Michael Clarke Duncan voice from “The Green Mile”)
That’s my day in a nutshell…which is WHY I’m nuts!!

What’s your day like??

©2014 Angie