The POWER of Orange

No, not the juice!

Not the color!

The power of Orangetheory Fitness (OTF).

My sister and I are vacationing in Hilton Head Island with our families (that’s 11 of us, by the way!). My sister has been going to her OTF in Haymarket (Virginia) and I’ve been intrigued ever since. Why? Because my sister loves HATES to exercise…so if she found something she enjoys…it’s a MUST that I go and experience the workout!! 😂. I didn’t even have to twist her arm to go workout!!!

The alarm went off…EARLY…and off we went to make the 6:15 am class. I actually prefer to workout in the morning because it’s done and one less thing to do for the day!

Since I was new to the gym, we arrived early to allow me to sign paperwork and obtain information on how the class ran during the 60 minute session. I was also fitted for the OTF heart rate monitor to utilize during the class.

These LOVELY ladies welcomed me with open arms!

If you’ve never been in an Orangetheory class, you could be overwhelmed with all of the equipment. This ain’t your regular gym …..

Rows and ROWS of Water Rowers!!!!!

But trust me when I say, the instructor not only explains all about the equipment but leads the class with friendly prompts and reminders of what’s to coming next in the work out.

Thanks AJ!!!!

I saw my name on the TV screen (AngieA.08) with everyone in the class but really didn’t understand until AJ explained it all.

Let’s chat about these heart rate monitors that you receive prior to the workout. The basis of OTF is to get you to work within the 5 Heart Rate Zones:

(Source : Orangetheory)

Zone 1 (Grey): Consistent with light activity

Zone 2 (Blue): Basically the Warm Up or Cool Down periods

Zone 3 (Green): They refer to this as “Base Pace” which a pace that you can maintain for 20-30 minutes

Zone 4 (Orange): This is the MONEY shot for OTF. This is where you burning the most and achieve the “Afterburn”/Orange Effect. Why is this important? If you maintain 12 minutes or more (in a 60 min class) to achieve the maximum caloric burn 36 hours AFTER the workout is completed.

Zone 5 (Red): usually seem in “All Out” effort ( 92% or greater of Max HR)

Obviousl the goal is to be in the Orange zone for the duration of the workout. Today was an Endurance workout which consisted of 3 blocks of treadmill work (including Base pace, Push pace and All out) and 3 blocks of floor work with the rower. The floor workout was 12/16/20 of :

  • Jump overs
  • Jumping squats
  • Plank punch outs
  • Sit ups
  • TRX core

600 meter row after the round. After each round, decrease rowing by 100 meters.

Man…THAT was a workout!!!

Oh..but wait…there’s more! You get to earn Splat points! What’s that, you ask?? They are the amount of time that you spend in the Orange or Red zone. It is ideal to earn 12 Splat points per class. Until this was explained to me…I totally thought I was sucking at the OTF game!! 😂

Sorry, ErinW…but I earned 46 Splat points today! 😂. My sister was right under me at 44. #goGIRL

What’s that other stuff mean?

🔥 I burned 643 calories during this workout….that’s freaking incredible!

❤️My average heart rate was 167

❤️/❤️ Average maximum heart rate percentage

I survived!!! I mean…I didn’t think I was going to die, but I thought I was going to die!😂. I really enjoyed a different type of workout than what I’m used to…DREADmill and strength training.

#BasePace #PushPace #AllOut


What did I think about it all?

Honestly, I figured since I come from a strong workout base that I was going to do fine; that maybe it wouldn’t be too overly challenging. It was a straight up CHALLENGE to get through the workout. This ain’t your Mama’s Jazzercise class! You will come here to WORK and work you shall do! Don’t ever underestimate the #powerofORANGE!

I can’t WAIT to get home and go to my local Orangetheory!!!! Thank you, HHI for welcoming this gal into the OTF family.

Have you tried Orangetheory before?

Your thoughts??

PS…this was me later on in the day at the pool….

Man….THAT didn’t work out! 

Back from vacation only means one thing….get your a** back in the gym!!! This vacation to HHI with my family and my sister’s family was amazing!!  

As with every trip, I had my running gear and I was ready to at least get 2 runs while there. Apparently, my mind and body had other plans! I didn’t do diddly SQUAT! I was tired, which led to sleeping in and didn’t think twice about running! I even packed J’s stuff because he runs with me…NOPE!

Check this nugget out… I had a triathlon on the Saturday after we returned home!! I completely forgot about it and was unprepared to race.  I emailed the race director and they allowed me to do the race virtually. So, no loss there; all I have to do is submit my times to them online and I get my goodies AND my bling. However, I am now 0 for 2 with workout plans!! 

Monday was my first day back at the gym.  I am struggling with the time to get there because I have J that has football practice and Aidan has basketball practice on the other end of town!! If I could juuuuust clone myself…..


3 x 10 back squats

The goal was to be at about 60% of my 1RM.  My 1RM max is 100#, making my 60% 60# (right?).  I was able to get 65# and was happy!! 


5 rounds for time:

5 squat clean thrusters (55#)

10 pull ups


I was glad to see this time! Anytime there is a time cap (in this WOD 15min), I become nervous! I always feel like I’m not going to make it before time is called. But I did!! Truth be told, I could have went  heavier on the squat cleans. Rx was 65# and I could have managed a total of 25.  But I was safe…..

I am all kinds of sore right now….like right now as I right this post!! But I LOVE the soreness because I know the work that I put behind it!!

Today is a rest day which is nice.  J has football practice, so to kill the time, I guess I will take the 6:30 class.  Gotta use the best of my time, right?? 😉

Ever have plans to work out and it just didn’t pan out like you imagined???? That’s the title to the book of my life…….”I(t) just didn’t WORK out!” 😂

Sunday Share

Here is my latest post from my sister’s blog! Sorry it’s so late but I am on vacation and literally forgot it was Sunday!!!

Happy Sunday and 4th of July and thanks for reading!! ❤️🇺🇸

I sure DID….

Yep, I got it in….FINALLY! I’ve been at my sister’s since last Friday.  I didn’t want to run Saturday after being in a car for 16 hours! Sunday….we went to Baltimore to overnight and take the kids to the National Aquarium (post coming soon on that trip). Tuesday it was then.   

Got it IN!!! My sister’s place….#beautiful

Nice, huh?

Towards the end…almost there!

   It still amazing how vacation can throw off your ENTIRE system…your routine, your body, everything! I’ve been ok with my eating but I feel it ALL over me! But I’m having a GREAT TIME with my family here in Haymarket. I will try to repeat the same tomorrow!!!

How was your TUESDAY?

Getting back to it….

I was out of the pocket over the past few days because I went to see my sister and family in Virginia. It was nice to be there, but it wasn’t long enough!! I HATE leaving them behind! My kids LOVE being with their cousins..




And don’t forget THIS sweet face…

20140805-200827-72507788.jpgThe LAST of the cousins!

My boys LOVE to travel! They are like me…they have the TRAVEL BUG!!


We left Tampa to Reagan National Airport. SN: If you EVER have the Jet Blue! From the ticket counter to the on flight crew..EVERYTHING about this airline was AMAZING!! They have gained a customer for LIFE! I have never had such a great experience with an airline is a LONG time!! My Dad worked for Pan Am and I have been SPOILED regarding air travel. They set the standards HIGH at Pan Am! Well…Jet Blue is my 2K14 Pan Am! I hope you get a chance to fly them!!!👍❤️👍

I’ll fill you in on our adventures…..

Ever heard of Haymarket, VA??

I am just returning from a GREAT trip at my sister’s in Haymarket, VA. Never heard of it? Neither did I until she moved there. 😉. Come to find out it has a rich history dating back to the Civil War Era. It still has that small town feeling amongst today’s “hustle and bustle” of busy people.

My trip was for two purposes…obviously to visit and catch up with my sister

20140614-102615-37575349.jpgThat’s is from Thanksgiving 2013 in Haymarket

…and two, to see my brand new nephew!!

20140614-102804-37684283.jpgMeet 3M’s newest member, Gavin!! (born in May)

I was EXCITED to meet him!! My boys are 13 and 7, so it is really nice to see, hold, and smell a baby! No…before you even ask..I’m TOO old and poor to have another kid! Remember…I JUST turned 42!!😉😃😢😁 (I don’t think there are enough emoticons to express THAT!!)

This was a trip SANS children, so even MORE of a reason to be happy!! The weather was not conducive to a mini va-cay.. but I do make the best of it!!

Got to eat some great places and First up….

Lion and Bull Restaurant. It’s a cute pub around the corner from where Mo (that’s my sister) lives.

20140614-105917-39557153.jpgChicken Tortilla soup was to DIE for and I only wish that it was a bigger bowl!

20140614-110014-39614953.jpg Mo and my mom had the chicken salad on a bed of mixed greens! Usually I’m picky about those kind of salads but this was GREAT!! The right mix of chicken with mayo, onions and celery. #YUM

20140614-171138-61898282.jpgSorry for the bite!!! I had the Buffalo Grilled Chicken wrap (86 the Buffalo sauce). It had provolone cheese and lettuce. Works for me!!!

I didn’t get to run because it was RAINING! (ie NOT conducive to vacations!).

That was Day #1….

Tomorrow…Day#2 and #3 of my visit to Haymarket.


20140524-190006.jpg…and this my friends is how you start your Memorial Day weekend off! We are headed out of town (really just “up the street” to Orlando) for this weekend. I always plan to do SOMETHING workout related when away, but you never know. The Sandman might make me…FORCE me to sleep in! 😉

Hubby surprised us by taking us away this holiday weekend. I was secretly wanting to go away because…truth be told….one word…MURPH!!! This is an amazing WOD to participate in during the Memorial Day weekend. Lt. Michael Murphy was a Navy Seal that was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005. Like many soldier who have died in action, CrossFit helps to honor them by naming a WOD for them.

1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
1 mile run

My time last year was 73:21. Not bad for Rx and I was in shape! I am just coming off the “injured list” and I knew I wouldn’t do well. Although this WOD, like the many named for soldiers, represents the hard work..the struggle….the intensity of these fine men. This year…I really don’t feel worthy!

Next year it is, Murph! I can’t honor you correctly by kicking a** in your WOD, but I will remind others to…THANK YOU for service!!

PS…if you don’t know the movie “Lone Survivor” is the story about Lt. Murphy and 3 other Navy Seals in Afghanistan.


Ok..let me NOW say that….
The Gators made it to the Final Four by defeating University of Dayton! The Flyers were the Cinderella story this year. But sadly..the glass slipper broke, the carriage turned back to a punkin’, and the ball is OVAH! Good job to The Flyers!


Today was our last day of vacation, as the kids go back to school and I go back to WORK!! No workout today because we just got back and it’s…
MIGUEL’S BIRTHDAY! I’ll spare you the age because I really don’t want you figuring out how old I am! I say 40 something and I’m sticking to it!! Bwahahahaha!

I am fully looking forward to getting back on routine…work and gym time. Ain’t it interesting how we crave our routine?? It’s nice to get away…but it is sure nice to get back home!
(In my BEST Judy Garland voice)..
“There’s NO place like home!”

(A Key Lime Design original with the EXACT coordinates of our house in Valrico, FL)