End of the Series…

Yesterday was the last in the Watermelon Series in Lakeland.  It’s a 5k series over the summer that helps to keep you motivated to run.  This summer has been INCREDIBLY hot and it was HARD to stay motivated this year.  This year, I missed the middle two races – I was out of town for one and I had a triathlon for the other (which by the way was CANCELLED at the last minute!), so I was really looking forward to this race.  

It felt incredibly good to run! I just ran for the sheer enjoyment of it.  I’ve been very frustrated lately with myself- my body (as a result of my diet), my running, and my lack of gym/CrossFit time.  I promised myself that I wasn’t going to let all of these self doubting thoughts get me down and make me loose site of my goals.  I just want to be a successful RECREATIONAL athlete.  Success measured by MY goals and mine alone.  So…

  • If I don’t PR for my race, just celebrate the run and be PROUD that you finished!
  • Baby steps towards my goal! Remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a DAY”
  • When in doubt…just keep going!!

  Donald (Leslie’s son), Leslie, and Me! We look so happy, don’t we??? 😉. I am extremely proud of Leslie because I coaxed her into this series and even though I missed two of them, she continued on!  My running buddy is STRONG and I hope she knows how AWESOME I think she is!!❤️

Until next year….. 


    Summer Running 2k15

    You KNOW you sang it…..just like you did last with last year’s post!!😉 Yesterday started off the Watermelon 5k Series in Lakeland (FL).  I do the race series every summer to keep me running over the summer and to check in terms of my “training”. You know…when you THINK you are doing good and then you race and see that your AREN’T doing enough? 😉 #checkYOURSELF

    Prior to most races, I go to Fitniche and buy myself something new.  I don’t have to convince myself it’s a BAD thing to buy prior to a race!! This time, I decided on..

    I’ve always wanted to try these socks.  Up to now, cheap Walmart socks have been my go to brand.  I felt like a REAL runner having purchased and using these babies!  They were lightweight and they didn’t feel as tight on my feet as my current ones.  

    I usually use a baseball cap to race in, but I’ve been wanting to try.. 

    a visor.  They always looks so good others, so why not.  Again…felt like a real runner even MORE.  

    Leaving my house early in the morning to get to Lakeland (it’s about a 30 minute drive), I was excited! This event draws in a lot of local and out of town runners.  I think this one had OVER 1000 folks! Not bad for a small town that I can’t wait to move to….SOME DAY! 

     Lake Hollingsworth in the WEE morning, about 30 minutes prior to race time….


    It was a nice, flat course wrong the lake.  I covinced a few friends to join me../ 

    Me, Sam (front); Donald(Leslie’s son), Leslie (back)

    Our post race smiles….

    I wasn’t really happy with my time, but like I said, I like to race to show myself WHAT I need to change in my daily trading or exercise routine.  

      Sorry for the language (if you are easily offended….because I NOT!!😉). But you ALL know….struggle is REAL!!!
    How was your Saturday?