Today was a GOOD day…

Why do you say? I was MONDAY! And no one is excited for a MONDAY!  Work was…well…work, so nothing new there.  I was able to run after work, which always makes momma HAPPY!  I’m not breaking any records here, usually a smidgen under 2 miles (because my ass is SLOW now!) but I’m pleased to do it! 

 I’m now focused on returning to my “glory” days of running!  I’m trying to get my breathing pattern back with improving my strides.   So much of running (and running properly) is breathing properly and I used to have it on lock!!   I am focusing on getting my groove back!  I’ve also noticed (and not recently) since CF and I have consciously uncoupled (temporarily,I hope) my running isn’t what it used to be!  Some runs, I feel like I’m starting from scratch with this running thing.  But I have nothing to prove to anyone, except for ME!!  

 I have goals, I’m just getting there slowly because I am a busy mom! 

Why else was today good? Again…since the uncoupling…I finally go to the gym and touch the weights again! The personal trainer that works with my basketball loving son, Julian, kindly wrote/designed a program for me! Today was Day 1.  I was so excited to start lifting again!! Man…I missed it!!  What did I do on Day 1, you ask? Glad you asked…

Squats– 5 sets x 8 

Bench press – 4 sets x 8

Deadlift – 4 sets x 5

Overhead press – 3 sets x 8

Bend over DB Row – 4 sets x 8 each arm

Triceps extension – 3 sets x 8

*rest 2-3 minutes between each set

That’s a lot!!! And as I type…I can feel the muscle soreness! I won’t be able to MOVE tomorrow…and I LOVE it!! My weight started low and I worked my way up to a challenging weight for me now.  No lie…it felt great to be on THAT side of the gym! All those people lifting is inspiring! 

I’m excited to see how my body will change ( again…for like the  UMPTEENTH time!!).  I need to find a routine that I can stick with on or off season!  Keep you posted!

How was your Monday???

Oh…I may just have a liiiiiiiitle bit of a KIND bar problem.  I was in Publix picking up ONE item and I walked out with… 

   ALL OF THEM!! #embarrassed #rehabplease

 And your funny for today… 

 #droppedtheMIKE   #puttheKINDbarsdown

You know it’s funny, because you hate your scale and you kinda do this! I do!! 😂

RunGAB #5

Hope your Wednesday has been great! Hump Day is my favorite day of the week…it’s ALL down hill from here!  Let’s go….

If we were running together, I’d tell you….

…that I signed up for some nutrition counseling. One of my favorite blogs, Swim Bike Mom (by Meredith Atwood, Triathlon coach and athlete, and Mom) has teamed up with a nutritionist, triathlon coach, and all around guru, Meredith Vieceli.  Their program,  Swim Bike Fuel  
is designed for all kinds of athletes!  I figured if I had a little help in his department, I can shed this 10-15 lbs that’s decided to camp out on my body!  It starters November 1st and ends on Turkey Day. I’m excited to see how my body will respond to a better diet…

….I actually signed up for some races AHEAD of time! WHOA…that sure is new!! Sommer Sports was having a “sale” yesterday.  Well…open registration really but with GREAT deals!  I found out it a little late, so I did get get the awesome deal of $100 for the entire triathlon series (total of 4).  That’s $25 per race!  So, I managed to get into the 3rd tier group, which was $175 for the series.  That’s the 4 race series for about $45!! That’s still a great deal!! 

….I’ve got a strength training program coming my way! Super excited!! I know what I need to do to help my body…better nutrition ✔️, cardio✔️, and the return of weights✔️.  Again, I know what I have to do, but I’d rather follow aomething.  I do better with routine and I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of it….

A lot of change is coming my way so and I’m ready for the challenge!  Wish me luck!!!

How was your Wednesday?