How’s that for a number?  There are a few things I may be superstitious about, and this would be one! #13? Really?  I will wear the number with pride….and secretly hope I don’t cross a black cat, walk under a ladder, break a mirror, or spill some salt! 😂#issues

Today was the Law Enforcement Torch Run 5k hosted by The Winter Haven Police Department.  I’ve wanted to participate in this run for some time, but scheduling always got in the way.  This run benefits Special Olympics.  My friend Leslie and I decided this was our year! 

Me, Donald (Leslie’s son), and Leslie

It was a beautiful morning to run, from a weather stand point. But as an allergy sufferer, NOPE! Pollen was in full effect this morning and I forgot my Benadryl! #damn

The race started at the public library  

 and went around Lake Silver.. 

 This is an old photo but this lake is beautiful, day and dusk!  And the end of the race looped around Central Park 

Source: Google

It was a great race for a few reasons…

  1. GREAT cause!  
  2. GREAT community support! Teachers, Parents, and Students from the boy’s school, St.Joseph Catholic School.
  3. I spotted one of my favorite WordPress bloggers,Keira, but I was too afraid to go over and say “Hi” for fear of her thinking I was crazy or something!
  4. Leslie and I PR’d this baby!! Yep…we sure did! I saw a number today, that I hadn’t seen in a while!! I’m so excited and inspired to keep on pushing! #enjoyingtheprocess 

What a great way to end this week!  Oh, and get this…my oldest, Julian, turned 15 on Thursday (March 10th)!!! What???? 

 WHEN did that happen??? And apparently the right of passage includes a cell phone AND a learner’s permit.  Not in my house!!!😂😂😂.  How ’bout we just get you some clothes and some Yeti gear! Yeah…that’ll work a lot better!!!

How has your Saturday been?


 Admit it…you sang the song, didn’t you???  😏

You know….when you have an opportunity to have a moment to yourself…you take advantage,right?? I had to kill about 2 hours before picking up J for his Orthodontist appointment. What’s a girl to do?? Go for COFFEE!! This isn’t anything new or earth shattering for me, as I get it when I get to work. But I don’t get to go relax, sit down and ENJOY the coffee.  It’s usually drink and go….

I had the time, so I decided to go try a new place in town that I’ve been meaning to (but never can get there!!).  In downtown Winter Haven (FL), there is a cute coffee shop with a cute name….Just deserts that which one deserves and Coffee.  How did I find out about this place? I met Pat about 5 years ago when we were KILLING ourselves at CrossFit!! When I heard that her new venture included opening a shop selling something that I love almost as much as I love my kids (I kid…!), I was sold!!  


 I was there at opening time, so the bakery case was getting filled up!! They have some crazy good looking scones!! 

Source: Deserts FB page

 Wha??? Ham and Cheese scones!!! 

Source: Deserts FB page

Blueberry,Chocolate Chip and Ginger…oh my!! Scones are my weakness….I’m going to get to that next time!!

Açai bowls are in the menu also.  They are  basically a really thick açai smoothie in a bowl that can be topped with a variety of items.  Deserts offers bananas, blueberries, strawberries, granola, coconut and sunflower seeds.  

Source: Deserts FB page

 Beverages include coffee (obvs!!)- cold brewed, pour over, and regular brewed. Teas (hot and cold) and protein shakes round out the liquid menu.  

What I really wanted to try was the Bulletproof coffee …and one of Pat’s lovely staff members was the one that hooked it up!! #thankYOU

  What’s that you ask?? It’s a popular coffee in the fitness world because it’s got the “good stuff” in it, i.e. the fat!

What’s in it??

  • Quality coffee
  • Grass fed butter
  • Coconut oil

Coffee is brewed and then blended with the butter and oil.  I don’t use sugar that much, but to sweeten the coffee, I chose a little bit of honey.  The only way to describe the coffee is creamy and rich.   It has a froth and it smells heavenly and tastes even better. It’s definitely something I would drink again and this is the place I would drink it!

Thanks, Pat and Deserts staff!!!❤️

If you find yourself in downtown Winter Haven, do yourself a favor and drop in!   Pat and her staff would love to have you and share all of their “deserts”. 

Any place that you’ve been to recently you’d like for us to try??

Enjoying the Process

I’m still basking in the glory of finishing the 8k on Sunday.  I’ve always been the type of “athlete” that needs the swift kick in the pants to recharge my motivation.  Especially when you don’t do as well as you’d liked/hoped.  I’m still enjoying the process, so on to other things…

I was sore on Monday, so I opted for a rest day instead of a run.  Simply put…I was TIRED from Sunday. Not really the race it getting up so early and then waiting for the race to start…I was just tired.

Tuesday, I was able to actually get home early and run at home.  For those of you who read 3M you know that most of my running during the week is done blaster work/before kids (mostly in Winter Haven,FL).  It’s always a treat to get home at a decent time (i.e. DAYLIGHT) and run in my neighborhood.  

 I managed 2.5 miles and it felt great.  I’m still in “positive split zone” but I’m still in it.  

Today, J had his post operative appointment to…remove the staples! I’ve never seen anyone so happy to go to the doctor! 

 What does this mean? We are in physical therapy and 3 weeks away from him return to the contact of basketball playing! I think he actually skipped out of the office! 

After the staple removal, off to physical therapy. What’s a mom to do while #onearmbandit is in therapy? Run!!! I was happy to squeeze in a run while he’s at work… 

 …I’m at work too!! 2.3 miles today, out in the cold Florida weather! (I’m talking in the 50s, people!!).  

What’s up next for me? Winter Haven Police Department has a 5k in 2-3 weeks. All of these up coming runs (races and training). will all lead to Star Wars 10k at Disney in April!

What do you have coming up?