The Day After

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!! I honestly was able to sleep and that by far is the best present ever!  

Source; Playdates on Friday by Wendy Fleming

My soon to be 9 year old wrote me the sweetest card (sorry for the grammatical and spelling errors!)…
He’s so sweet! ❤️
With the weekend all over, Monday brought a start to my workout week at CrossFit…


First 3 sets – 85#/95#/115#

Last set – 135#

I was pretty pleased with that outcome. Does this mean I am getting stronger?? Why yes!

Metcom: absolute 30 minute time cap

SDLHP – 35# (instead of 65#)

OHS – 35# (instead of 75#; whaaaaa???)

I finished all of that in 29:57! Juuuuuuust under the time cap. The WOD was great but you know squats are my kryptonite. 

This workout was a GOOD workout! I forgot to wear my Polar to determine how many calories I burned! Bonus?? Leslie joined me!!! I trying to lure her back to the guy with me! So far….it’s working! 😉

Today, I was able to get a little run in before getting clocking back into “Mommy Mode”. It was a shorty, but goody…particularly in the Florida heat!

Oh, and this was the medal that I received today from my Virtual 5k from last week.  I didn’t realize from the picture that the medal was also a wine stopper!! #nice

Not too bad for the beginning of the week, huh? I have to get more running in and get accustomed to this brutal hear that we are going to have this summer.😝 

My first triathlon is a week and change away.

My training, you ask?

Running ✔️

Swimming 😁

Biking ❌

I haven’t had time to get in the pool, but I’m not worried about that leg.  And I have a few more this season to get my act in gear.  I am worried about biking because…well…I suck at it! My triathlon should be “Swim, NO, Run”!!  This will be the one to keep me honest and show me how to change what I am doing.

What do you have going on this week?

Oh…don’t be all that impressed with my 135# DL because J slayed with his DL

…at 200# !!! Put this old lady to SHAME!! 😂

When you are READY to bring your A game…

…but you show up to the gym with NO SHOES or SOCKS!! 

…and those SOCKS, though!!

That my fellow bloggers/readers is what you call an “EPIC FAIL“!! Now, I’ve been known to forget socks; that’s common. But shoes??? Never! Who forgets shoes?? It was more like I was bringing my “C” game! 

Today has been my third week back to CrossFit.  I miss my old box, but all of my old friends all go the box I’m currently at now.  I’m happy to be back! I’m not as strong as I used to be but that’s why I’m back! With every day that I’m sore, I know that it was worth it the day (or two) before! 


Strength- 6 x 2 Power Cleans

  • 6 rounds of 2 reps to find 2 RM (rep max) of cleans.  I got to 95#, which I think is pretty good considering my absence.

Metcon (Time) – 18 min time cap

  • 3 rounds for time:
  • 10 clean and jerk (65#)
  • 40ft HS walk*
  • 75 DU**
  • 40ft HS walk*

*Substitued for 60sec handstand hold

**Substituted for 150 SU

My rep count: 2 rounds + 75 SU (i.e. DNF).  

I honestly expected as much, but I wasn’t disappointed. I probably could’ve gone a little more on my weight, but I’m taking it cautiously and slowly.  Old girl’s been away and I want to be kind to her! 😂

Tomorrow’s agenda will include a run after work! I am anxious to see how the strength training will improve my running again. I really took that for granted.  This is the lesson I was trying to teach Julian when he was #onearmbandit.  In my opinion, he really took his basketball playing/training for granted.   Thinking because he has a little skill and talent, that he didn’t have to work hard.  And when it was taken away, you really realize how much you miss and appreciate it. Now…it’s MY lesson.  I really took the fact that I was strong for granted.  I miss feeling that way, but I am enjoying the process back.  I am READY to bring my “A” game (with shoes,too!)

Ever have moments like I had today? 

Oh, look what came in the mail this weekend….       

…thats right….I did it!! Me and R2D2! 😉

Happy Monday and thanks for reading! ❤️

Coming back to you….

Day #2 (second week) at CrossFit today.  I’ve never been one to look at a WOD before hand because I don’t want to mentally psych myself out. I asked  my friend Katelyn sent me the WOD once it was published.  I told her that I wanted to see what it was so I could decide whether or not I was going to punk out! 😂 

 I will tell you one thing…in my 6-7 month hiatus…I still HATE squats! Yes…I said it!! You know the adage “Ask and you shall receive“?  Most know (and if you don’t, now you do) that I do not like my legs.  So, one would try to work hard on the body part they dislike, right? Like said squats, etc?? Mais no!!! I have to hate the very exercise(s) that would make me love my legs! Also, any WOD that starts with”21-…..” deserves my full freak out mode! 

The strength part of the WOD I enjoyed because I like deadlifts.  I managed to get my max at 195#. I’ll take that!

I had to modify the WOD today for a few reasons:

  • Just starting back and really have no desire to die so early!
  • If you think I hate squats, I doubly hate OHS! But seriously, I had to lower the weight because of my shoulder.  I wasn’t sure how much my shoulder would take a lot of weight and squatting! 

It had a 15 minute cap on time.  Here’s how my WOD worked out:

  • OHS : 15# 

    Source: Google

  • Hang cleans : 55# 

    Source: Google


Time: 12:56

I have to say I was pretty happy with this time. I didn’t die, my shoulder held out very well (even with the small amount of weight), and I feel strong just being there and working my a** off! On the other hand…DOMS will set in and I will be walking like “The Duke” (aka John Wayne)!!

I’m happy to be back on this journey and I appreciate you reading and sharing it with me, 3M style! ❤️

 I’m coming back to you, CrossFit! #boom

Oh no I didn’t….!

Today I had to say goodbye to my beloved CrossFit box, CrossFit UFPC.  Why??? My kiddos schedule just doesn’t allow me to get to the 5:30 class, 3-4 times a week like I used to.  Julian has pre-season/off season basketball skills training 2 days per week and strength training 1-2 days a week.  Aidan just started back with Cub Scouts once a week.  This leaves me…empty handed! 😂. No…seriously…I can get in a little bit before pick up and that’s the reality.  Like today… 

 Then…a bright star, in the shape of a great idea, showed up!!  I have a LA Fitness less than 5 minutes from my house!!!  Now…I’m not going to lie…I felt all sad and embarrassed that I had to join a “gym” to get my workouts on!! I’ve been doing CF for    almost 6 years and sometimes the CF culture doesn’t embrace the “globo gyms” culture (or at least that’s what it seemed to me). How was I back at a “regular” gym after doing CF for so long?? #snob. I need the strength, I jumped ship and landed at a petty cool place. 

Julian can play ball while I workout…and he’s all too happy about that!  

 I snapped him playing a pick up game with some high school players.   #basketballHEAVEN

 My view from the mat…

I figured I’ve done enough CF to do it on my own.  I can go back and repeat some old WODs or find new ones on Pinterest.  Interested?  Take a look at my Pinterest board.  

Today’s WOD, you ask? 

 50 pounds for squats ( I did back squats) and 30 pounds for the KB swings.  WOD completed in 7:28.  I lay here tying the post and my legs are SORE!!!  Not bad for a Monday …

I’ll keep you posted of all the fun things I get to do at the gym.  Trust me…there is MUCH more!!  I hope to drop in and do some CF sometime 

How was your Monday?

Don’t forget those prayers for tomorrow at noon! #runDISNEY 

Summer Work

Monday…you have come and GONE!  I had an EARLY morning because Julian left had to be at the church….at 4 am!!! Why in God’s name?? YES….that IS why!!  😉. He and his fellow Middle School youth “groupies” left for Hidden Lake in Dahlonega, GA.  It’s a Catholic youth group camp that he was all too excited to attend this year.  This is his second (and last) year at this camp.  Next year…he goes with the high school students! (NOT ready to talk about that yet!😉) 

He looks “ready” to go!!

After all the kiddos checked in, they loaded onto the bus and OFF they went.. 

Apparently…teenagers are too COOL to smile!!!😉

It was sad to say “goodbye” but seeing how happy and excited he was to go, it made it all better!  My baby is growning up!!! 😢. He will be gone for 6 days.

Aidan also started his camp too! 


……but he’s coming home! 😉 #knockedOUT 

 Despite being up at the CRACK of dawn, I was able to get a workout in.  I met with my friend, Tracy, for a run.  It was a new route for me in town.  The Auburndale TECO trail was available to run.  

Again another “quickie” before getting Aidan from camp.  It was so STINKIN’ hot!  I’ve said this before…I think I saw DEVIL!! 😈. But guess what? I made it to the gym, too!  What to?  To this on that DAMN whiteboard……  

 Ok-KAY!  I am going to pay for tomorrow!

So…I rest….waiting to see what Tuesday brings me! Soreness….Pain….Regret…to say the LEAST!!!

How was your Monday??

 This didn’t sum up my Monday…. …it’s just Hilarious!!! #droppedthemike

While the BOYS play, Mom will too!

It really isn’t as risqué as it sounds!   The “boys”, or Julian’s basketball team had his first practice for the week.  This isn’t new!  As usual, I “played” too, ie did a CF inspired WOD with Leandra, friend and fellow basketball mom.  Monday’s after work exercise sets the tone for the rest of the exercise I will do for the week.  As you may remember, I was a SLACKER this past weekend.  What makes me upset when I do this?  Sometimes I feel like I’m starting from scratch with my runs! I hate that feeling! #nonrunner

 I got it in, and it could have been FASTER, but I did it! I was able to run with my partner, Leslie, which always makes for a great run!!

Basketball practice meant I could utilize the time WISELY and do a CF inspired workout.  Leandra and I did this last week.  I time the rounds, but I have NOTHING to compare it to because I FORGOT to write it down!! #duh.   I think our time improved from last week, but I can’t say with 100% confidence! I will tell you that I!  I don’t know if we just feeling good and pushing each other, but I felt that!! It doesn’t look like much, huh? #fooledME

It  ALWAYS feels good after a workout! I never say “Damn, I wish we NEVER did that!!”.  I feel inspired to keep it going for the rest of the week!

Checking my email earlier today, I received a reminder that RunDISNEY Marathon Weekend registration opens….TOMORROW  (Like April 28, tomorrow) at noon!  I’ve always wanted to do one and I know they sell out FAST!!! 

GOTCHA! Get on it!!

 I am interested in the 10k and the perks (and SWAG) that come with this race….CRAZY!!! 


I’m jumping for joy!  Then I scroll down in the registration page.. 

 $110 bucks??? WHOA!!!  Can I afford myself??? I have until tomorrow by noon to make my decision because it goes FAST!!! #SHOULDi #SHOULDNTi 

Hope your Monday was good and you started out your week with some good exercise.

What did you do today?

Ever participate in a Disney race? Is it worth the BIG bucks?? (Of course it is, Angie!!!😉). 

St. Patrick’s Day 2015

My favorite holiday! No…seriously…it’s my FAVORITE HOLIDAY!  Like people like Christmas and stuff like that?? I get that way about St. Patrick’s Day. Why you ask???

I’ve been lucky to have been to Ireland twice and I fell in 🍀💚LOVE💚🍀Beautiful country (Emerald Isle, INDEED!) , beautiful people…and frankly…a BEAUTIFUL amount of PUBS! 🍻 #cheers

I like…no….I LOVE beer! So what better  way to have ANOTHER excuse to drink beer than doing it on St. Patty’s Day?!!?! 

SLÀINTE!!! (pronounced ” Slawn-cha” meaning “good health” or “cheers” in Gaelic).  For more sayings…check out this! 

Hubs greeted me after a long day of work and Basketball practice with this! #helloGORGEOUS. This with some corned beef and cabbage/potato side dish! Loved it because I HATE cabbage!  (No picture because I literally inhaled it!!)

Before the “fun”, I put some work in! I honestly didn’t think I was going to have any thing today. (I was pleasantly surprised when I came home to it!). 

Central Park in Winter Haven (FL) dyed the fountain green! I was able to snap a pic during my run. It was only 2 miles and that’s really all of the time allotted before after care shuts down. I don’t beat myself up because at least it’s SOMETHING rather than NOTHING!!

I was able to get in a WOD while Julian was at practice. No…still haven’t made it back to my box (soon though!!). I manage to get workouts from Pinterest (look at my board HERE) and usually from other blogs I read. One of my FAVORITE blogs, Blonde Ponytail, always has GREAT WORKOUTS (with and without weights). Check her out and tell her that her “biggest fan” sent you! 😉 You won’t regret it!!

I renamed this WOD to “Erin Go Bust Your Ass”.  Look at it….you KNOW it will!!!  Her workout had 7 rounds and I only had time (and patience) for 3. Why was I impatient?? The MOSQUITOS decided to invade my workout and I had to cut it short! Otherwise…7 rounds for ME!! 

Hope your St. Patrick’s Day was filled with a lot of GREEN fun!

Source: Google


How did you celebrate?

Did you wear green? (I just had my little leprechaun on my jacket bc my green dress is GONE! ) 

What’s UP, 2015?!?!?

HELLO 2015!
I figured it was time (now that I and the kids are back to work and school,respectively) to think about and write down my fitness goals for the year. I did a recap of my 2014 goals and I was pretty pleased with what I accomplished. So what do I do now? What goals can I make for this year? Would it be bad if they were very similar to last year??

1. Plan ahead
This goes without saying, but what exactly do I MEAN by this miraculous statement? I PLAN on nailing down races AHEAD of time instead of waiting for the last minute! From a cash flow stand point…it’s cheaper! From a sanity standpoint….it’s on the calendar and now I’m committed! PLUS- I hate wasting money! If I’ve spent it, I’m DOING IT!! 😉

2. Triathlons
Again, I say that as a plural noun. I made it to 2 last year, so I am hoping to get to 3!! And is it too much to ask to get a better time WITH this goal?? I think NOT!!
SN: #2…please see #1.

3. Change up the Running Distance
I made it to a 10k last year, literally 2 1/2 weeks before the year ended, but I did it! And I liked it, and that means more coming for me. I hope to use that as a plural noun, as well.
Oh…and dare I say…dare I think…dare I put this out in the blog UNIVERSE…I think I may try a half marathon this year. I’m still thinking on that….
SN: #3…give a “shout out” to #1.

4. Eat better
I think I have GAINED and LOST the same 12-15 pounds that I have wanted to lose since I turned 40 (almost 3 years ago….😁). It all boils down to my HORRIBLE diet. Well…it’s not THAT horrible, but it could definitely be BETTER!


I am on Day 2 of eating better because I am THINKING better. It ain’t rocket science and really isn’t that hard. I’m going to be honest, because that’s the only way to I will change. I have, in some ways, thought I could always workout a bad diet. And getting older just shoots that theory RIGHT OUT OF THE WATER!!
I hope to CRUSH this goal!! Who’s with me??

4. CrossFit
I don’t think I will be competing any time soon but I want to get stronger. I aiming for a little bit more of a commitment (from myself) at my box.

I hope that I can mange to work towards these goals and succeed. Being a mom and professional can be a recipe for the mishaps…but I am UP for the challenge!

What are your 2015 goals?
How can we support each other on our goals?

PS…made it back to my CF box after the Christmas break! I was so happy to see my gym family.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/383/62083904/files/2015/01/img_5169-0.jpgYou like the name of the WOD??? Yeah…I did that!

The OverSTUFFED Turkey

Ok…I’m not REALLY an overstuffed turkey because I didn’t eat as much as I anticipated. #iLOVEfood.
For the 4th or 5th year, I ran before the feast began! I decided against an “organized” Turkey Trot this year, mainly because I have a 5k on Saturday.

IMG_4801.JPG (Source: UltraFit FB page. THANKS!!)

I was able to catch up with my ORIGINAL running buddy, Megan. We both have been super busy, so it was nice to catch up over some miles. I have a 4 mile loop about 10 minutes from my house. Honestly, it was odd running at home because most of my time is spend in another county, about 45 minutes from home. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect…a brisk 45 degrees. For us Floridians, that’s FREAKING COLD!! Once we started, you forget it’s cold.

IMG_4837.JPG(Source: Nike+ Running App)

IMG_4809.JPG(Source: Nike+ Running App)

The run was GOOD and it was my first long run in a while. I needed that because I’m going to “run” this 10k. #GODhelpme
My shin bothered me a little towards the end, but as it did before, i increased my mileage and I need new shoes! I have my compression stockings on for recovery. Quite possibly, I might run in them tomorrow….


I was hungry when I came home and I did eat, but I believe you start to THINK more and make better choices, when you workout before. I mean, who wants to waste those hard earned calories that you just burned, huh??? So, I ate, but within reason…which mean I didn’t feel like a STUFFED TURKEY!!! I used to have bad habits of eating like someone was going to steal it from me!! Shoveling it all in, with no attention to what I was doing to myself. 😝. I don’t do that any more; I eat until I’m full but NOT overstuffed and uncomfortable. Lessons learned…..

My POST Turkey Day activity included a visit to my CF box, UltraFit. It wasn’t extremely early (8:30 am) but it was still extremely cold again this morning (43 degrees)!!!

(Source: UltraFit FB page. Thanks again!!)

IMG_4829.PNGDidn’t take long for the WARMTH to make it to the party! 😉
This was a good WOD, but I felt “pukey” afterwards. All those “movement” movements did a number on my stomach. Fortunately, no incidents on the way home.

Now, I’m relaxed and processing the next step on the agenda. I have my tablet decorated for Christmas, my stockings are hung, and I’m waiting for the tree! This is a HUGE deal, because I NEVER do anything early!! I’m going to try it on….see if it sticks!!

What’s on your POST Turkey Day agenda today?

Did you get a work out in BEFORE and AFTER the food???

PS…PRAY my left shin holds up for tomorrow’s race! I can’t STAND the thought of taking a break AGAIN!! Ugh….

Get it TOGETHER sister…..

It seems like every time I turn around its MONDAY again! Except this time….it’s TUESDAY…and I feel like I have NOTHING to show for it! Well…maybe that load of laundry and still hasn’t been put away! 😉

Since this lady is busy now that basketball season is in…I have found myself again in a dilemma of finding time for me!! I only managed to make it to CF twice last week and not a single, solitary mile was run my me! I’m disappointed because I usually have my s**t together! This week, I’ve been off trying to adjust to my new extracurricular schedule! I WAS doing well getting my running in at 4 am while training for my triathlon, so why haven’t I done the same thing with he same stamina for the past 3 weeks?? I can’t accept this any more!! Whatever I found before, I HAVE to find her/it/them…WHATEVER….to get my ASS back in gear! I’m MAD at myself because this time last year my Saturday runs were 5 to 5 1/2 miles. How do you go from THAT to the bare minimum??? Ugh…..#pathetic

So, last weekend I promised myself that IF I didn’t get to the gym the days I have planned..then I have to pull a Saturday! AND…my friend Leslie’s birthday was last Saturday and she was wanting to have a good workout for her birthday! BONUS!!!! It was good, but hard WOD…

IMG_4695.JPGI like giving WODs their own names (if they don’t have one). I dubbed this one “It’s Leslie’s FAULT”. Because SHE wanted the workout, so it’s only right to blame her, right?? 😉
Man…to look at it…it doesn’t look that bad. Hmpf….don’t believe the hype or the white board! Thus my new CF hashtag..#whiteboardLIES. It seems so appropriate in all of my CF scenarios! Feel free to use it…!
Birthday girl and myself did a good job and we survived!

IMG_4675.JPGExcuse how HORRIBLE I look…I just HATE pictures of myself! 😝
Leslie got to 5 rounds and I got to 5 and 2/3.
I look forward to when she can make it back to the gym because I miss her like CRAZY!!! I’m so happy that I got to spend her birthday with her!! LOVE that girl….❤️

The beginning of the WORK week started of pretty good in terms of fitness. I made it to CF and I always LOVE Monday WODs!! I think because it sets the tone for the week….

IMG_4697.JPGThis was NOT one of the OCCASIONS where I felt comes led to say #whiteboardLIES. LORD…was that a hard one!! I was done after that WOD but truly HAPPY that I made it!

Pray that I will continue to ride this wave of “keeping my ASS in gear”!! Pray for me people….!
Today is rest day…so tomorrow I’m back at it!!!

How was your weekend ?
What do YOU do to keep motivated when you are busy??