A New Chapter

Much to my chagrin, I have come to terms that my schedule is NO longer MY schedule!  I have accepted it…embraced it…and decided to make the BEST of it!  I need to get the strength training back on the schedule, so until I get a solid answer on how this will happen exactly, I have some substitutes.  Cue up….my Pinterest board!  All those many addicting pins have made their way into my reality!!

Since I did nothing (in terms is exercise) over this past Labor Day weekend, today was the day.   

Courtesy: Pinterest

 This was a good one….and a little challenge too!  I substituted the 1k for 1 mile. WHEW!!!!

 I am not going to kill myself this week, as I have a triathlon on Saturday.  I am enjoying the idea of adding new workouts in until I can get my butt back in the gym.

I’ll keep you posted….

How was your Tuesday? What did you get done today??

You better WORK….

After the GLUTTONOUS Mother’s Day/First Communion weekend eating, it was refreshing to get back to normalcy; Meaning…working out!!! Particularly since the lady at JCPenney called me (in so many or few words) LARGE. It messes with that psychotic part of my brain….old thoughts and food issues start to rear their ugly heads! 👿👹👺#dontLISTEN

I decided the pool was an excellent  start to the Monday workout routine.   The water was perfect and I couldn’t wait to jump in.  My friend, Leslie, is still out of town, sadly, but my other buddy, Sam joined me.  I love swimming, but I’m sad I can only get so much in because of time.  Sam and I are thinking of doing a triathlon together again. I was courting the race in May (30th to be exact), but time got in the way (basketball!) and I wasn’t able to get my bike to the shop for its preseason tune up (and aero bars!!!😄).  June it is, then!!  It’s more realistic AND school is OUT!!  

I added one more 50m to the workout, aiming for the goal of 10 x 50m @ :60.

  • 200m warm up freestyle
  • 7 x 50m (freestyle) @ :60
  • 100m cool down

Total : 650m
Again, it doesn’t look like much, but I’m happy to be out there.  I’m happy that at (almost) 43, I can do a 50m freestyle in 40 seconds. (SN: at my peak.. 27 seconds was my best time).  #illtakeit

I’m hoping the rest of the week will be:  

Tuesday: swim

Wednesday: run

Thursday: rest

Friday: run

Saturday: run or CrossFit

  I’m TRYING…….!

How was your Monday?

What does your workout week look like?

All kinds of intentions

I was FULL of intentions over the weekend! Fully intended on running before taking Aidan to his First Communion retreat this weekend. Yeah….that didn’t happen!   We went on church…. 

Decorating his Chalice

He got to practice what the Host (“bread”) tastes like….  

Mommy…that tastes HORRIBLE!!!

 A FINE parenting moment right here!!! We had a LONG discussion about the importance of NOT making a face after taking communion. If ANY kid is going to do it, it would be HIM!!! 😉

Julian was fishing with hubby and my dad….  

A snook….

He had a great time out on the water!!!

Sunday, I had intentions of getting up before church and running. Yeah…that didn’t happen EITHER!  Man, did I EVER feel like a slacker! But that sleep was TOO good!! And I figured since Julian had basketball practice, I’d run when I got home. Yeah…..it RAINED!  Apparently, it wasn’t in the cards for me to run. I stare at the barrel of Monday, KNOWING I’m going to run today after work! Yeah….this WILL happen!!  I have races that I want to do…gotta get to it!!!

How was your weekend?

When was the last time you had a plan to workout and the idea went BUST?


Pretty much …..