It’s all about them PANTS….

Last weekend, I did my first 10k. I think I’m still riding on that high! I haven’t done ANYTHING this week because of kiddo activities,but then that’s nothing new either! 😉

Since it was so cold last week AND still cold, I wanted to invest in some running pants. True to form, I waited until the very LAST minute to get them (ie the night before)!! I went to Hibbett Sports and found a few pairs. I am really funny about my body (BIG SURPRISE on that one,huh??) and I don’t like form fitting clothes. Well..that’s really all that’s available!! And if you try to size up with the hopes that it isn’t so form fitting, you look like you have some “issues” in an area where we females shouldn’t have “issues”…get me????

I found a pair that I LOVE….right fit, right color…right fairly decent price. SOLD!! Only problem…they were Men’s pants. And there went my theory on those “issues” I mentioned, but they were perfect!


When I put them on, you couldn’t tell they were Men’s pants. I picked a Small size (….only time in my life THAT’LL happen!!)


IMG_4953.JPGLOVE that little back pocket!

IMG_4955.JPGThe legs have a reflective strip which I imagine is good for night time running. I’m guessing…since I DON’T run at night! #skerred

IMG_4956.JPGZIPPERS! They get me just as excited as thumb holes on a jacket!! 😃

They were perfect..kept me warm and held up during the “sweat fest”‘of the run. That Dri-Fit is NO JOKE!! Check out Nike’s official website for more running gear! I’m already eyeballing another piece of clothing….. #helloSANTA?

Hope I have a chance to get my money’s worth and wear them again during our Florida “Winter” weather. I am looking forward to the Christmas break, as I can make up for lost workout time from this week.

Stay WARM my friends….

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