Miami Weekend 2k16

This weekend involved a little trip to Miami for…you guessed it…BASKETBALL.  Hubs being the eternal ‘Canes fan, this is the second year we made the trip to a game.  Remember last year?  This year, the Hurricanes were taking on the Louisville Cardinals  

 Being a Gator, I was a neutral fan (but definitely not pulling for Louisville because I’m from Florida). My kiddos were happy too….  

   …with that little sneaky kid throwing up that “U”!! #whatevs

We had a great time and anytime you get to show your kids a college campus…DO IT!  It shows them where hard work will lead them #ohthePLACESyouwillGO

We stayed downtown at the Hampton Inn Brickell  

 ….which is always nice!!  I feel all fancy when I stay here!! The rooms are spacious and amenities are just what you’d expect in The 305-top notch! 

Next door, is one of our favorite restaurants, Batch Gastropub.   We ate here last year,too! We don’t branch out much, do we??? 😂

 All the pub fare you love can be found here! We didn’t want to eat very heavy, so we opted for the Pork Belly Sliders with pickled cucumbers and Korean BBQ 

 …and in the back?? Truffle cheese fries-truffle salt, asiago cheese and rosemary. #inLOVE

SN: Ok…totally off the subject here, but  can I just say that I love this contraption in the restroom?? 

 Seriously…I don’t have to waste paper touching the door handle after washing my hands!  Use your foot under the lever and it opens the door.  I’ve never seen this before, but I believe every restroom should have this!!

We had a great weekend 

 …but now it’s back to it!!

Today is a rest day because of basketball practice for little man and scheduling Jr. Big Man Physical therapy and all he needs to get back on the court!

Tomorrow is another day…

How’s your week going to shape out? 

One thought on “Miami Weekend 2k16

  1. Mom says:

    Glad you had quality “fam time” at such a wonderful unversity!

    Love MY Canes for so many reasons!

    But love y’all more!
    Mom 😍


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